How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks? – Audiobook Week Discussion

audiobook week 2013

Day 1: 2012-2013: My audiobook year

Today’s prompt is:

How do you decide what you’ll listen to?

As I mentioned yesterday, now when I plan to read a book, I first check if the audiobook is supposed to be really good.

I also have now a TBL [To Be Listened to] list. It grows through recommendations, taken mostly from Jen’s weekly feature Sound Bytes and from reviews written by other bloggers for Teresa’s yearly Audiobook challenge.

I have also some favorite authors for audiobooks. For instance, I am trying to listen to the whole series of Mrs. Pollifax, by Dorothy Gilman. They are all read by the great narrator Barbara Rosenblat. She has the perfect tone of voice for these stories, and I cannot imagine Emily Pollifax with any other voice. I have read one, but the are so much better on audiobooks.

And if I see that a book has an audio version narrated by Simon Vance, well, why would I hesitate one second?

Do you mostly listen, or split time between listening and reading? Particularly if you split time, how do you decide what you’ll consume in audio and what in print?

Looks like my audiobook time is max 20% of my book time. I always have an audiobook going on. I listen while doing other things, as said yesterday.

I tend to listen more from October to Christmas, as I have many more painting commissions, and I always listen to audiobooks when I paint.



13 thoughts on “How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks? – Audiobook Week Discussion

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  2. Listening while you paint sounds lovely. I can’t listen while I’m doing creative things like writing, but I love to listen when I’m cooking. Thanks for the audio recs!


    • ah yes, listening while cooking, definitely, though I have to pause sometimes when I read the recipe if it’s something a bit intricate, to be sure I don’t mess up with the measurements, lol


  3. Simon Vance IS pretty great. I read some of the Mrs. Polifax books ages ago (when I was in middle school and my mom and aunt were reading them). I was just thinking about them the other day. Maybe I’ll check out the audio when I’m done with Maisie Dobss.


    • yes do give it a try, and tell me if she is not the perfect Emily Pollifax! I started that series because I was doing this 52 countries challenge, and as you know most of the books in the series take place in different countries.
      I read my first Maisie Dobbs this year and did not like it too much, well maybe I should listen to one and see


    • ah! 2 books that I loved so so very much; and 2 of my favorite narrators! too busy now though to take time to listen to something I have already read, and too many books on my TBR and TBL lists! and only 1 life here on earth lol


  4. I listened to the first Mrs. Pollifax and liked it a lot, too, but never got the second one. Finding older audio through the library can be problematic, so maybe I had trouble getting the second one. Same with the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters, also done by Barbara Rosenblat!


    • I am fortunate to have a library part of a huge network of over 80 libraries, so I find them easily.
      Yes, I noticed about Amelia Peabody, that will be my next series with Barbara down the line!


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