Armchair BEA 2013: wrap-up

Armchair BEA

Day 6: Wrap-up

Day 1 was a total blast for me with Introductions.
Day 2 was about Blog Development and Fiction
Day 3 was about Literary Fiction. It was also a giveaway day – don’t miss my post, I have 4 books for grab open until the end of Armchair BEA!
Day 4 was about Ethics in Blogging and Non-fiction
Day 5 was about Keeping it real, fresh, and fun and Picture Books to YA



“On this final day, we encourage you to wrap-up the week with your favorites and highlights of the week.  Did you learn something new?  Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger?  What was your favorite discussion topic?  Do you have ideas for future years?”

Once again, Armchair BEA was a total blast.

BIG thanks to the awesome team of organizers, I can imagine the huge amount of work behind the scenes, thanks guys, you were awesome, as always.

It is surely the year I have been most active:

  • posting every day for every topic
  • organizing a giveaway: open until midnight today!
  • participating in 1 twitter party
  • cheerleading: that was the toughest part, I had daily to post comments on 45 blog posts related to genre and 45 on the discussion topic of the day. I have to confess I did not reach my quota one day. Sorry for the bloggers I was supposed to visit that day and didn’t
  • answering every comment I received of course, but also visiting each blogger who visited me and leaving a comment on their blog
  • giving some help through email to a blogger who wanted to know how to insert a google form in her post for the giveaway

Did you learn something new?

I learned a lot about disclaimers and disclosures. Lisa at Just Another Rabid Reader has generously shared with me her template where she integrated a paragraph on those things.

What was your favorite discussion topic? 

So I think my favorite discussion topics was Ethics in Blogging


Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger? 

I did, with tons in fact, through my cheerleader task. I ended up adding at least 3 blogs [Historical Fiction Notebook, Just Another Rabid Reader, The Relentless Reader – 2 more I thought, but I can’t figure out now which one is new on my list!] to my already insanely long list of blogs I follow – have you ever seen it? Why don’t you go and see if by any chance you are there!

I discovered lots of REALLY cutely designed blogs.

I added a ‘Follow this blog through Bloglovin’ and a ‘Blogoversary’ button in my right side bar, as  I saw on other blogs.

Through a discussion on Elizabeth Goudge, I ended up meeting 2 other Christian Orthodox bloggers – I am Russian Orthodox, hence the number of religious books reviews.

I also added books to my TBR, at least 6 for now, but I have a whole list to check!

And I won a certain number of books, through giveaways, twitter party, cheerleading, thanks to all of you and the sponsors, if ever they come here!

I feel like I collected lots of fruit during this week, which lead me to some resolutions:

  1. add necessary lines on disclaimer/disclosure, honest review blabla, here and on France Book Tours
  2. not only visit those who comment on my posts, but also leave a comment on theirs
  3. persevere and grow, keeping at what I am doing right now, my meme, reading challenge on books on France, and of course France Book Tours – aren’t you tired yet of me mentioning it?
  4. connect with some American magazines geared towards France aficionados to see if I could write some articles for them
  5. give a try at vlogging – still need to think what feature to connect it with, maybe WWW Wednesdays?

Do you have ideas for future years?

One thing that comes to mind right now, as I shared a couple of ideas with another book blogger:

where do we get books to review: buy? library? your favorite online free galleys platforms?

And now, have fun and see you next year!


24 thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2013: wrap-up

  1. We really appreciate our cheerleaders! Thanks for all your AWESOME participation and feedback. Can’t wait for you to join us next year.


    • I wish Bloglovin would give you the number of blogs you follow, maybe the feature is there but I don’t know how to get it. anyway I pasted all my list in Word and numbered them = right now, I am following 158 blogs. not everyone posts every day, but if I miss a day or 2 to check i’m easily several hundreds late, lol!


  2. What a thoughtful wrap up post. Like your idea of resolutions taken as a result. I think mine would be to get my blog better organised after seeing some good approaches on other sites. And to look me deeply at social media sharing sites like stumble. I’m using blog login but not that wowed by it.


  3. Thank you for being a cheerleader! It helped make my ABEA that much friendlier. 🙂 I am still reading posts and getting some new development ideas (and more than a few titles to add to my TBR pile)!


  4. Wow!! Talk about being late in responding to this one!! Great job during Armchair BEA!! I’m really impressed with all that you were able to accomplish. As one of the organizers, we will definitely be looking at the cheerleading team for next year. That is a TON of blogs to comment on daily!! I’m impressed that you were able to do it though!! Thank you!!!


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