Armchair BEA 2013: Ethics in Blogging

Armchair BEA

Day 4:  Ethics in blogging

Day 1 was a total blast for me with Introductions.
Day 2 was about Blog Development
Day 3 was about Literary Fiction I have 10 great recommendations for you!
Day 3 was also giveaway day – don’t miss my post, I have 4 books for grab! open until 6/2 11:59 pm!


Armchair BEA today raises essential ethical questions for bloggers and their readers. I’m inserting here questions from Armchair BEA 2 posts: The Ethics Committee Meets Today, and Ethics and Literary Blogging

– “What guidelines must we follow as bloggers–attribution, disclosure, honesty? Have you had an experience with plagiarism (victim or perpetrator?), and how did you deal with it? Do you have recommendations to new bloggers about how to ensure that credit is given to whom/where it’s due?”

* So far, I have not been aware of being a victim of plagiarism. Though I’m more attentive to it now than I was when I started the blog. I have even started writing a warning at the end of some posts, like if you see this post but from another website, this is illegitimate copy, but these words work only against automatic tools that would stupidly copy my all post to reuse somewhere else. I need to do this at the end of each post.

* Each time I copy a synopsis or an author profile, I always give the name of the source, basically either Goodreads, or the author’s or publisher’s website. I get also my book cover and author’s picture only from these sources.

* If I quote a blogger, which is rare, I do give the link and invite my readers to go visit him/her.

* I always  give the page number of a book I quote; it is also easier if the reader want to go find that page!

– “How do we as a community of creators and consumers of entertainment content feel about bloggers who, unknown to us, are biased? Should we be advised if the blogger has a personal relationship with the author? Or their competitor? If they received gifts or other compensation from the publisher?”. “We need to know whether a blogger is an independent voice giving their honest opinion about a literary work, or a paid mouthpiece , or a close friend of the author. Without that information, readers cannot make a real choice.”

* Yes, we should definitely know. And I am going also to add a disclosure in my own policies, thanks Armchair BEA for encouraging me to do so!

-“Ultimately, the answer is to create written ethical assurances from the individual bloggers … And some way of enforcing those rules. Smart bloggers who want to see their work gain credibility might start thinking about forming an organization that would govern its members and lead to assurances of legitimacy. Those who refuse to be accountable or play by ethical rules would be exposed as biased or fraudulent. In the end, the readers and true bloggers would benefit greatly. “

* That will be my next project then after Armchair BEA. I like it the way Armchair BEA makes me aware of some issues and gives me the toll to face them. I actually wrote my policy after another Armchair BEA.

Another important point I would mention is connected with Privacy, another aspect of ethics I think. A blogger recently attracted my attention to that. So each time I post a giveaway  I now type this:

” when you enter a giveaway, I keep your email address only until a winner has been chosen and has confirmed. After that, I delete the form where your answers were stored during the duration of the giveaway. If you win and you email me your mailing address, I delete this email and its information as soon as I have mailed you the book.”


19 thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2013: Ethics in Blogging

  1. I’ve always been obsessive about disclosing connections – whether it’s a friend / beta read / self purchase – you name it. I’ve seen snips of my reviews ‘copied’ elsewhere without consent – but most people don’t want to get into the accusation/ confrontation.

    when I was managing a review team – part of my ‘go to’ was to scan over a reviewer’s previous work – there were more than a couple of people turned away because their reviews were, word for word, attributed elsewhere.

    Privacy – I have it stated that I will share only with Author / Publisher for delivery of prize – I don’t want to be sending people information/posts they aren’t interested in..I get enough straight to trash email myself.


    • thanks! great point: I need to specify that in disclosure for my France Book Tours, that email/mailing address is forward to author/publisher to have book mailed to blogger. very helpful, thanks


  2. Good thoughts. I have never thought about letting people know I delete their information after a giveaway. Wow – to think out of 1000+ entries in a giveaway I would have to ensure to folks that I don’t keep their info. That’s just sort of a “duh” to me. Maybe that’s naive of me….but….”ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!” ha!

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love


    • I know, same here, but when it comes to privacy, some people are really very very touchy, and for some good reasons in some cases.
      I tried to live a comment n your blog, it never really told me it was waiting moderation or something like that


  3. I actually had another blogger dare fuss at ME because I told her it was in poor taste to cut and paste my reviews and place them on her blog. She wanted to cut and paste my entire review and place it on her blog. I told her a link would be fine, but the review is my own work and attributed to me only. Go figure.
    I utilize Wikipedia, for the pictures. Unless the picture states there is no copyright anymore, then I add the link provided.
    I use links for other blog posts, etc., but don’t cut and paste.
    Sometimes the author or publicist provides for me a cut and paste type information for the book review. I do not have to use this, I can create my own.
    Thanks. This is always valuable info.


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