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Are you familiar by now with these 3 logos?

  1. The first one appeared for my weekly meme on anything French.
  2. Then I had the idea to launch a Reading Challenge on books related to France at the beginning of 2013.
  3. And each review is now accompanied with an Eiffel Tower, from its 1st phase of construction to its tricolor phase and fireworks, my way of rating a book.

As you can see, my French roots have been slowly but surely pervading my blogging world.

Time has come for an extra step:
I’m in the process of preparing to launch France Virtual Book Tours for books related to France!

France Book Tours Banner2

There will be soon a separate website, exclusively dedicated to this new adventure, but I just wanted to start spreading the news. I have already contacted a few bloggers, and they seem really excited about it!

  • Did you just write a book set in France, or on a French theme, and you are looking for an affordable way of spreading the news, through a virtual book tour stopping at dedicated bloggers?
  • Do you LOVE reading books about France, and would be thrilled to review recent books set in that country, with also possibilities of interviewing the author and organizing a giveaway?

Then France Virtual Book Tours will be exactly what you need.

For today, if you are interested, please just let me know in a comment if you are an author or a blogger, with an email where I can reach you.

6 thoughts on “France Book Tours

  1. Emma, I’m the author of a book set in France, and I would love to review a book set in France too. You already have my email. I’m off to spread the word to some of my other France writer friends.


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