2013: March wrap-up

March was quite eventful, even though the biggest event I was looking for, the REAL arrival of Spring, is still delayed around Chicago. Yes there are crocuses on my lawn, yes the red-wing black birds are back, yes I saw a couple of flocks of cranes, BUT the juncos are still around, and it is really still too cold to read a book on the porch…

On the reading front, I managed to read 8 books, with a total of 2527 pages, that is, 81 pages/day.
And I listened to 1 audiobook, a long one of 12:15 hours, which gives a 23 mn/day. I also started another very long one, the biography of Benjamin Franklin, by Walter Isaacson, excellent.

Here are the books I read, and oh miracle, they all have their reviews!!:

1 non-fiction:
Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses, vol 1, by Jean-Claude Larchet

5 historical fiction:

  1. The Painted Girls, by Cathy Marie Buchanan – audio
  2. House of Rocamora, by Donald Michael Platt – part of Virtual
  3. The Iron King, by Maurice Druon – ebook
  4. The Lavender Garden, by Lucinda Riley –ebookreview scheduled for June 5. You can read the first lines of my review though!
  5. The Chalice, by Nancy Bilyeau with giveaway between 4/2-4/10

1 fiction
Plainsong, by Kent Haruf

1 science-fiction:
The Best Of All Possible Worlds, by Karen Lord – ebook

1 picture book:
Flotsam, by David Wiesner

My favorites this month:

  Painted Girls Lavender Garden


Reading Challenges recap

Around the World in 12 books:  2/12
Audiobook: 3/12
Books on France: 8/12
Cozy Mysteries: 3/10
Ebook challenge: 9/10
European reading challenge: 6/5 – COMPLETED
Historical fiction: 14/15
Japanese literature: 0/? (starts in June)
New authors challenge: 19/25
TBR challenge: 1/12
What’s in a Name: 4/6
Where Are You Reading?: 3/50

Total of books read so far in 2013 = 29

Number of books added to my TBR in March = 47
You notice this is a new feature in my wrap-up. I stole this genius idea from Allison at The Book Wheel. Please go visit her nice fancy March wrap-up.


Blog recap

2 big events have rocked the bloggosphere/twittersphere this month.

  1. I was part of the twitter madness the night we discovered Google Reader had been sent to death. Seeing the number of tweets that night (surpassing by far the tweets related to the election of the new Pope of the Roman Catholics)  and after that all the blog posts, you could write your own Chronicle of a Death Foretold!
    After some panic and many tries, I ended up choosing Taptu, the only real RSS feed aggregate that works really well on a Nook Color. See what I have to say.
  2. The other event is the recent announcement that Amazon bought Goodreads. Right now, I’m staying put, hoping against all hope that things will remain ok, even though I kind of know it won’t… I really enjoy a lot the Goodreads community, and I may stay there until the end of The Year of Reading Proust, to enjoy all the discussions on the year read-along to cover all of  In Search of Lost Time. But if some major changes bother me, I’ll pay my $25 and go to LibraryThing.


  1. I reviewed 2 books for Virtual Book Tours; and hosted 1 giveaway, which is open from 4/2-10.
  2. Bloggiesta 2013 was very good for this blog: my two biggest achievements were finishing the archive list by author of all the books reviewed so far on this blog, and listing all the book blogs I follow. Go have a look, and if you see yourself on the list, would you mind returning the favor? Thanks
  3. I participated in Book Blogger Hop: March 8th-14th
  4. I participated in Colorado Book Month
  5. 28 readers signed up for my Books on France Challenge, and 32 reviews have already been posted. Don’t forget to post your reviews!

Most popular recent book review

The Dervish2nd month in a row!

The Dervish

Most popular recent post – non book review

Best Google Reader Alternatives

Plans for April

  1. Reading a couple of netgalleys and a couple of paperbacks received by the authors
  2. Starting April 14, until the end of the year:  Catching up where I am at in the reading of In Search of Lost Time, by Proust, following the weekly schedule on Goodreads
  3. Read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, for my US state challenge (Georgia), and many other goodies!

How was YOUR month of March?
And what are your reading plans for April?

16 thoughts on “2013: March wrap-up

  1. Great month. I have a Goodreads account but do not find time to keep it up-to-date so all the Amazon hoopla does not affect me directly, but I can certainly appreciate the concern of the reading community. So much consolidation going on in the book world right now…


  2. The Cowbirds have also returned… presumably to follow my Cardinals around and find their nests.

    I’m not sure what to think about the goodreads buyout. I don’t have a problem with Amazon but I would prefer that the two be independent and it’s doubtful that will happen.


  3. Hope you have fun catching up on Proust, Emma! I’m finally back to The Guermantes Way myself after a couple of years away from Proust’s writing (shame on me, I know).


    • Are you following the Goodreads reading group? there’s a faithful commentator named Richard too. I have never [shame on ME, being French] read the whole of it, so this year is a must. A French friend of mine, in her 60s, has read it twice and she is in her third reading of it. That’s dedication!


  4. Wow! You did have a good month!!

    I’m still experimenting with feed readers, but am currently leaning towards Feedly. Though I just heard that Google + is incorporating a version of Reader, so I may explore that as well.

    I’m sticking with Goodreads for now myself. I guess we will wait and see what happens!

    I still need to do my archive review!! That’s a daunting task!!


    • thanks, I had not heard. so we’ll see, so far not available on mine. I liked the sharing to twitter, if it’s not available, i’ll stay with Taptu. but maybe I can then have my search option thru this integrated Reader!
      It took me a couple of Bloggiestas plus a few days to get over nearly 3 years of reviews, but glad I did. Now easy after each review to add it


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