Bloggiesta 2013

MARCH 22-24, 2013

Bloggiesta is here!

It will be low key this year, as I work regularly in my blog. A few things:

  1. Participate in a #bloggiesta twitter party – I did for 30 mn on Friday, mostly gave some input on my best replacement for Google reader. MayBE participate again on Sunday.
  2. Update my About Me page – needed only about ebooks; added my Pinterest link.
  3. Plan to finish my alphabetical list of authors I have reviewed! = I DID IT!!! Looks like I have at this mn 234 reviews on my blog. Not bad
  4. Maybe: participate in  a few mini-challenges, if I find some exciting ones – see below.
  5. Maybe: back-up my blog – DONE!
  6. Maybe: update the list of blogs I follow (right menu) – just added a whole bunch of book blogs starting with A or B. More to come!


  1. Google Reader replacement options
  2. Left a comment about Reviewing in many places



26 thoughts on “Bloggiesta 2013

  1. Hi Emma,

    Just wanted to let you know I finished your book “A Light to Enlighten the Darkness” the other day. It was a blessing to be reading it as the sun came up. Just wish a few houses weren’t in the way!

    God bless,



  2. Look at you go! 😉 You’re doing great so far! I’ve been sucked into blog hopping and commenting for a while now, lol. I like this part of Bloggiesta though…meeting new bloggers is great!

    I hope the rest of your weekend is fun and productive!


    • Thanks. Right now, I’m following over 300 blogs, so I’ll wait a bit before adding more…
      Good luck for your To Do list!
      Interesting challenges; I did not know about the map to find the Little Libraries, I may swing by the closest to me. thanks.
      Oh I did my About Page during a previous Bloggiesta, just needed to update the ebooks part, as I said.


    • I don’t know for blogspot, but with, it only takes 30 seconds to backup my blog. I plan to do it now at each bloggiesta.
      Yes I have the Colorado Book Month button, but I’m not in Colorado. funny, if you had clicked on it, you would have seen why: I’m trying to read 1 book/state this year, and as I discovered March was Colorado month, so I did double duty here. I actually just finished to read my book for it yesterday: Plainsong, by Kent Haruf, such a beautiful book. I’ll read more by that author, I really enjoy his writing, and he just has a brand new one out. Have you read any of his?


  3. I always try to keep my blog updated but I often fall behind in one thing or another. I keep saying next time I get caught up, I’m going to stay that way – we’ll see!!!

    I decided to go with bloglovin for now as a replacement feed reader – still playing around with it but so far it seems to be ok.

    Here’s my Bloggiesta to-do list.

    Good luck with the rest of your to-do list!


  4. Good job so far!! Wishing this last day goes well for you!

    I’ve been slow-going, but have a number of other things going on this weekend. I hope to be more productive this afternoon and evening!


    • I still have to add most of the blogs I follow on my list, but I’m happy I finished archiving all of my 234 reviews.
      Congratulations for visiting all the participating blogs, quite a feat!


    • thanks, yes that was good to work seriously on that, especially the title archive! I now add to it each time I review a book, but I was not doing this when i created the blog, so I had to go back to the very first posts. and I got the idea of a title archive at some previous Bloggiesta!


  5. I’m so excited and honored to be added to your blogroll! Congratulations on getting so many things accomplished during Bloggiesta. I’m trying to extend mine a little bit through today.


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