Taptu: Best Google Reader Alternative for Nook Color

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UPDATE, written  on 5/25:

As you go read here below, I was pretty ecstatic with Taptu, as it seemed to work so well with my Nook Color…. until it stopped synchronizing my Taptu bookmarks between my Nook and PC.

Very annoying!

I contacted the Taptu team a few times and never got any real answer, so I gave up and went back to my 2nd choice: Bloglovin. It is not perfect – I would love be able to share a post directly from Bloglovin on my Nook Color to Twitter, but I can’t, so when I find a post I want to share, I ‘Like’ it [there are no bookmarks eitjher!!], then I open my Bloglovin ‘Liked posts’ on my PC, and from there share to Twitter and add comments to some blogs.

If you use Nook Color and have found something better, please tell me!

I will leave the post I wrote on 3/18:

I know thousands of bloggers, professional writers, etc, are trying to find a worthy replacement of the soon (on July 1st) to die RSS Feed Aggregator Google Reader.

Lots of users are apparently going to Feedly. I tried that one and a whole bunch of others. The problem is I’m reading my feeds both on a PC and on a Nook Color, and unfortunately the Nook Apps store is very poor in RSS Feed Aggregators; Feedly is not one of them, neither Pulse.

Besides, if you use a web-based one, most often the feeds are way too small to read on the Nook Color itself.

And I’m not going to buy another device.

I was about ok with Bloglovin’, but then a friend of mine mentioned TAPTU, which HAS a Nook app!

I have been playing with it for several days now, and I’m actually quite happy.

I follow about 300 blogs, so originally, it was extremely slow, especially on my PC: it kept crashing my browser (Mozilla Firefox).

But then I realized that instead of having 300 separate streams, I could combine them. I combined them all in only 25 streams, and now it works perfectly. It’s actually quite cool!

taptu for nook color

So why do I love Taptu?

  1. first, you can login to it with your google account, and it does transfer automatically and very quickly all the blogs you follow with google reader. Once this is done, Taptu is totally independent from Google Reader, and will work after Google Reader’s death.
  2. you need though to transform these as Streams. It took me a few mn, as I had 300 blogs transferred, but you just need to do this once
  3. then to make the app run smooth and fast, you can combine them by themes, etc. See picture below: I put all my book blogs in alphabetical series, and then have a few themes such as France, Orthodoxy, Birds and gardens, etc
  4. you can personalize the color of each stream, see the above picture
  5. On the Nook, you click on one picture of the stream and then have the detailed post. If you want to see it from the original post, just click on the top right corner: View in Browser
  6. Then you just need to click on the nook back arrow, , and you are back on the post view. you can then slide on the side of the post, and it will open next post, if there’s another unread post on that stream
  7. otherwise, click on the back arrow again, and you can access again your stream lists
  8. if a stream has only a couple of posts, and you see on the icon of each that you are not really interested in reading these posts, you don’t even need to open the posts of the stream: just click on the3 vertical dots on the stream bar, and choose Mark as Read. How cool is that!
  9. to add a stream, just click on ADD on the top
  10. when I want to comment on a post, or send a link, I mark the post as Bookmark [there are 2 places where you can click for that], and access them later from a PC. you can even add as a bookmark in the browser itself.
  11. the sync between nook device and pc works perfectly
  12. the posts are very easy to read, and you can actually in fact adjust the font size!!
  13. you can very easily send a post to twitter and facebook, instapaper, pocket, or email

This is what it looks like on my PC:

my taptu

The view is a bit different, and not as cool as on the Nook, vertical, not horizontal, and without any icon as preview of each post. But you see the title of the post. In Bold are the unread posts, in grey the ones you already opened before, either here or on the Nook [on the Nook, once you read a post, you no longer see it].

From a PC, you can also share to LinkedIn.

For people who follow news feeds or blogs by categories, the StreamStore has a huge variety.

What’s missing?

  • Do you hear me Taptu? The ONLY thing I miss, and a feature I was using a lot with Google Reader, is the Search feature: you cannot search for a read post throughout all your streams. You can only search within one stream at a time; and I’m not sure yet if it will recover something from a post you already read.

When I post a review of a book, I always do a search in my Google Reader for that book title, to see whom among the bloggers I follow have already posted on that book. And I post a link to their own reviews at the end of my review.

This is going to be harder to do now. Not possible with Taptu. I will need to do a general Google search, but I would like to only send links to Bloggers I follow, not to any blogger I have never read before. If you have an idea how to easily remedy this, tell me, that will be to your advantage!

  • You cannot like a post either, I think, but it seems it will stay in your favorites as long as you keep it there.


13 thoughts on “Taptu: Best Google Reader Alternative for Nook Color

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  3. Such a great post! I hadn’t read anything about Taptu. I only read blogs on my home or work Mac, so I wasn’t as worried about an app. If I was, Taptu might have to be my reader, too. Awesome, and thanks for sharing!


    • I was not absolutely looking for an app, but something easy to read on a Nook Color: I tried a few web-based readers that were pathetically too small for my eyes to read on a Nook Color. I also read it on a PC, so the synch is most welcome


  4. Hi Emma, Thanks so much for reviewing Taptu! Gllad you found the merge feature. I’ve forwarded your comments to our engineers. I can’t promise anything, but they will certainly look at the issue you’ve raised. The one thing you can do…you can create a merged stream of all the bloggers you follow, and you can search by creating a keyword stream in the StreamStudio. This is probably more easily done on the web. Basically, you first create your merged stream. Then, back in the StreamStudio, click on the search icon at the top right hand corner of your merged stream (it looks like a magnifying glass). Type in the title and enclose it in parentheses, alternatively search by the book’s author–that should pull up all the reviews. Let me know if you try it and how that works for you! Or, if we can refine the process further. Thanks!


    • Thanks for commenting here! Of course that makes sense. so I will merge all my book blogs together in 1 stream, and after that it should work. I’ll do that later on today, and will get back to you on twitter [my handle is: @wordsandpeace as you know]. thanks for saying to enclose it within parentheses, I would not have thought of that, as it is usually between quotation marks


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