Best Google Reader Alternatives


Discovered today, like all Google Reader users, that Google Reader will die on July 1st. Really? That was my most favorite tool. I use it many times every day to follow tons of Book Blogs.

I need your help:

Please, what would you consider the best free alternative out there to easily follow lots of blogs. 

If you are not using Google Reader, which one are you using?

I need:

  • Something that could be readable on a smaller screen as a Nook color for instance.
  • easiness to add/delete a subscription
  • easiness to send a post directly from the reader to twitter/email/facebook
  • possibility to star some posts
  • and to mark some as unread

Basically with all the great options of Google Reader.

Thanks for your help!

Update: I found my best solution: TAPTU.
See why I love it

14 thoughts on “Best Google Reader Alternatives

  1. I wish I could help you! I use mainly Blogger (but I’m not sure this will do for WordPress and other websites), but it would be nice to have one that could merge everything. Good luck and, if you find something, let me know 🙂


    • does not work too well either as rss feed reader for blogger sites: you can’t mark as read, you can’t share, it automatically have you read the post in the original blog, not by staying in the platform itself. etc. There are lots of other good rss aggregators out there, the problem is to find one that makes posts readable on a nook color.
      what do you use? if just from a computer or an ipad, it seems lots of users are transferring to feedly


    • lots of people seem to go to feedly. fine on a computer or ipad, but does not work on my nook color. my google reader is so good on my nook! I also tried pulse, same problem. so far only bloglovin seems to work on my nook color. allows sharing to twitter/facebook/pinterest. I guess the stared/liked post are combined. the one thing I don’t see there is searching through the Reader, which I often do actually: when I post a review, I add links of bloggers I follow if they have already reviewed the same book. I find them easily through the search function of goggle reader. hopefully will find something good before July 1st!


    • oh by the way, I actually did try The Old Reader, but on the Nook it’s very slow, and it keeps giving me this message: “Data Connectivity problem: A Secure connection could not be established”. never had seen this before. I need to check where this is coming from. and also may work faster in a few days, after the first aftershock of the news and arrival of new users en masse, I believe


    • Feedly seems the best if you use computer and/or ipad. My problem is I want to read my feed on Nook color. so far the best I found is bloglovin. 1 feature they don’t have is search through posts. otherwise fine, and nice big easy to read.
      hoping that google will change their decision with the tons of petitions being signed, but who knows…


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