Reading Shakespeare A Play A Month Challenge – Wrap up

Here are the plays I read.

I got stuck for my reviews, so I’ll just add a few words for the last plays I did not review, as anyway the blogger who hosted the challenge gave up after a few months. So after she gave up, I chose my own plays, to fill in holes in my Shakespeare culture.

This year experience reminded me strongly that Shakespeare is definitely more enjoyable to watch than to read, especially the comedies for me. All the subplots can be sometimes confusing on paper.

  • JanuaryA Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • FebruaryMacbeth
  • MarchHenry V
  • AprilMuch Ado About Nothing
  • MayAntony and Cleopatra
  • After reading this play, a blogger mentioned to me John Dryden’s All For Love, which is based on the same historical characters: I loved it very very much! I found the poetry very flowing, and sometimes so funny. This was the first time I read something by Dryden. Nice discovery!
  • JuneThe Taming of The Shrew
  • JulyAs You Like It –  I enjoyed some funny lines from Rosalind.
  • AugustKing Lear –  I had read it years ago, but did not remember how gloomy this is. Madness in all its manifestations…
  • SeptemberThe Merry Wives of Windsor – now that one I really found funny, and there were not too many confusing subplots
  • OctoberTwelfth Night – I liked the characters of Viola and of the clown
  • NovemberOthello – I have to admit that I actually prefer Verdi’s version. His Iago is total personification of evil, with lots of depths of character. Verdi goes all along with it, whereas Shakespeare has a more timid version, with some comic elements here and there to lessen the impact of evil, at least that how I perceived it.
  • DecemberThe Tempest – I chose to read this one because last year, I saw a fascinating documentary on a group using Shakespeare’s plays for inmates. They played The Tempest, and it was really fascinating to see how playing its characters made them reflect on their own lives. It is really worth watching: Shakespeare Behind Bars (2005)



6 thoughts on “Reading Shakespeare A Play A Month Challenge – Wrap up

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  2. Reading any play is such a different experience from seeing a performance as you say. Unless you have the kind of mind that can visualise the action on stage some of Shakespeare’s plays can be very difficult. Anthony and cleopatra I fou d one of the most difficult in that sense because the scenes shifted so much.


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