2013 Reading Challenges

Books on France

Click on the French map to access


My own list for this challenge



You can follow my progress and plans for all the following challenges
on my google spreadsheet 2013 reading challenges recap
on  my google spreadsheet 2013 general reading recap

or/and click on each image below to get to my post for each challenge.

2013 Audio Book Challenge Books on France Cozies
2013 Ebook Challenge HF reading challenge 2013 New Authors 2013
2013 TBR Pile Whats in a name 6

where are you reading

50 states

European RC 2013  aroundtheworld2012

I hope this will give you great new ideas of books!

6 thoughts on “2013 Reading Challenges

  1. That is a nice big set of challenges to be involved in! I’m participating in What’s In A Name 6, and also, Art of RIpple Effects and I decided we’d read Swann’s WAy this spring. But, I don’t think one book will qualify for the Books of France challenge! Best of luck to you!


    • Well, Swann’s Way was written by Marcel Proust, so that definitely counts, even if you read it in English! Who knows, you may then want to read his next 2 books, lol.
      Did you see the Goodreads group where you have a schedule on how to read ALL of Proust next year? really cool! I have the info on my post here: https://wordsandpeace.com/2012/12/04/2013-books-on-france-challenge-my-list/.
      I saw your page the other on What’s In A Name 6, and was impressed you already know what to read for each category!!
      What’s this other challenge you are doing? couldn’t find it on your page.


    • No, I think my French book challenge is far more exciting, and apparently not only for me, as I have already over 20 people signed up. So I suggest you host the first years of my life challenge yourself, though I think I ran into something similar recently.


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