18 thoughts on “You and the Nobel Prize of Literature 2012

  1. Nope and I don’t plan to. I see he’s great enough to win the prize but he does not seem the type of writer I’d like, so I’ll try to avoid the Nobel Prize fashion for now.


      • But would you now even if his works don’t appeal to you “just” because he won the Nobel Prize? I find if I don’t, I’m being a snob and if I do, I feel like reading another bestseller everyone is reading too.


        • I don’t follow the herd, I read the synopsis, ratings etc, and if the genre or the writing doesn’t look like it’s something that would be of value to me, I don’t read it, even if millions do. But sometimes, Nobel Prizes have opened me to great writers I would not have known otherwise.


          • That’s true. I must admit I haven’t read so many Nobel Prizes, more Prince of Asturias Literature Prizes (because I live in the town where they are celebrated and we usually get really good conferences).


          • My favourite is Alias Grace. I reviewed it without spoilers in case you’re interested, but mainly I’d describe it as the perfect psychological novel.

            I also read The Year of the Flood and liked it, but I’m not passionate about it, not a big fan of sci-fi.


  2. Gosh, why would nearly 60% of respondents write him off like this? “Haven’t read him and don’t plan to’. That’s really strange…
    I’ve enjoyed my adventures with Nobel Prize winners!


      • I haven’t read Mo Yan – I’d never heard of him before now, but I shall certainly read something of his, just because I’m curious and I usually find that the Nobel winners offer something distinctive that I haven’t encountered in my reading before.
        My favourite is (as you’d expect from an Australian blogger of literary fiction) is our only Nobel winner Patrick White and I’ve read nearly all his books but I also really enjoy Jose Saramago and John Steinbeck, I’ve read a lot of theirs and enjoyed every one. I’ve liked what I’ve read of V S Naipaul, Boris Pasternak, Herta Muller, Orhan Pamuk, J M Le Clezio, Imre KertĂ©sz, Nadine Gordimer, Thomas Mann, Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison and Elias Canetti but I’m not so keen on Elfriede Jelinek and Rudyard Kipling. (You can find my reviews in the Nobel winners category on my blog).
        There’s also a really good blog called Read the Nobels where a community has shared reviews and so you can find reviews of almost every winner there is.


        • I can’t believe I never heard about Patrick White. Goodreads says:

          “widely regarded as one of the major English-language novelists of the 20th century”!!

          Which book of his would you recommend to start with?
          I enjoy very much Steinbeck, particularly East of Eden.
          Thanks for pointing to your Nobel Winners category and to the Read The Nobels blog.
          so glad I put up that poll, ending up having really great input.


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