I love France #31: French doors 2


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As promised some time ago, here are more of my pictures on French doors. We will focus today on the Burgundy and Provence region, with a first stop in Alsace.



I love Strasbourg cathedral, with its unique pink stone, so warm looking under a ray of sun.


Fontenay Abbey (12th century)                                A colored door in Dijon

Yes, you can find some interesting colors even before reaching the South of France!


In Aix-en-Provence

A local artist paint murals in several villages around Aix-en-Provence. I saw his amazing job in the village of Carcès. Here, only the roof is the real background, all the rest is painted.

in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon

The door on the left is from the old 14th century Carthusian house.
Next shot as well. This abbey was damaged during the French Revolution.

Do you want to see more French doors?



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9 thoughts on “I love France #31: French doors 2

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  2. I think I ended up on an older I Love France meme, but I’m glad to read any posts about France. These doors are phenomenal. I wish in the United States we cared as much about the intricate details.


    • No, I just published it yesterday. at the bottom of the posts, after the Like button, you can see the date the post was published. it says Oct4, 2012. I always link the latest post to the I Love France meme icon. yes there are interesting architectural details all over France


  3. How did I miss this? These are beautiful and the mural is spectacular. i will look up the artist. Thanks for directing me here, Emma. I think I just duplicated my name through Mr. Linky (typical of me…), so you may want to delete one.


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