Bloggiesta 2012 wrap-up

SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2012

Bloggiesta was awesome for me this year, I did way more than I thought I would have time for:

  1. organized giveaway for my 2nd blogiversary on 9/29
  2. did the grade yourself mini-challenge, and obtained 87/100
  3. participated in the twitter party Friday night for 90 mn. That was really fun and educative. I used Twitter chat for the first time, it really made things so easier!
  4. backed-up my blog! First time ever!
  5. on my right menu, took off the rate box for each reading challenge, and included the results in the title of each challenge
  6. began an alphabetical list of authors I have reviewed! I can’t believe I DID it! So far all 2012 is covered, I need to go back in time at next opportunity.
  7. set up a weekly schedule for my blog. If all goes well, I will post at least 2 reviews/week, and be more faithful at my own meme I Love France every Thursday.
  8. listed the books I would like to read by the end of 2012 to cover all my reading challenges. That makes up 23 books, which should be possible in 3 months.
  9. reordered the list of my pages – see my top horizontal menu
  10. changed my theme to Dark Wood. I would have liked Andreas04, but realized it was not compatible with WordAds. Dark Wood is a warm theme, and the 2 right columns I wanted still allow a wide space for the posts themselves. But I had to spend time reformatting the width of many icons  of the sidebar menus.

What I planned to do but did NOT:

– writing a few long overdue reviews
– on my right menu, update the list of blogs I follow

What do you think of my new theme,
the way I organized the 2 columns?



6 thoughts on “Bloggiesta 2012 wrap-up

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  2. You got lots done! And the things you didn’t do, well, maybe they aren’t all that important, anyway. Making a list of reviews by author is a lot of work! I did a similar thing this weekend.


    • I see, nice job. I debated to do it by title as you did or by author. I was also wondering if I should add the year, I may follow your example and go edit my list. I need to think if as a reader I would want to know the date or not, before I decide to edit that or not.


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