Bloggiesta 2012 Mini-Challenge: Grade Yourself

Bloggiesta is here, and this is my first mini-challenge:

Grade Yourself!

This mini-challenge is hosted by Smash Attack Reads – go there to join this mini-challenge yourself it’s fun! You fill find the link to Hubsport on that post.

So I asked HubSport, and this is my result:

Wow, I have to say I didn’t expect to get 87/100!

It seems my strengths are:

  1. all the social buttons available on my blog to follow me or to share my posts
  2. I post every 2 days on average
  3. 10 authoritative pages are linking to me – ah ah, that’s the advantage of commenting on others sites and leaving there links to my posts! So, it means the time I spend on Google Reader is worth it, also marketingly speaking!
  4. 1,560 of my pages are indexed by search engines. How about that, I thought my SEO was rather weak.

My weaknesses:

  1. I tweet only every 16 hours, which is not too often. Yes, I could definitely do better on that!
  2. My posts are not often retweeted. So apart from the automatic tweet when I post, I could do extra manual tweets, with more catchy titles maybe, to get attention and get retweeted?



9 thoughts on “Bloggiesta 2012 Mini-Challenge: Grade Yourself

  1. NICE grade!!! My posts are often retweeted directly from my blog either, but they are sometimes retweeted from Twitter itself. 🙂 Woohoo on the SEO! That is something I need to continue to build. It’s already brought in great traffic.


    • thanks for answering even before my link on your site. for whatever reason, from home, your blog always thought I was sending spam to your blog. but I’m at the library now and it worked. as for the SEO, really I only try to tag cautiously, 5 tags per post, and be sure my titles is repeated somewhere in bold characters in my post itself, easy with a book title. I’m not even aware of any other thing I’m doing


  2. Because I’m subscribed to your blog I noticed this challenge and decided to do it. Yes, I am doing Bloggiesta anyway but hadn’t checked out all the challenges so it’s nice to see it on your blog.

    I seem to need more sharing on Facebooks but otherwise I wasn’t too bad. I actually do tweet a lot. 🙂


  3. An 87 is a very high score indeed 🙂 I scored a little lower, which means I need to take a good look at my blog soon. Thanks for sharing this (and yay for Smash highlighting the free HubSport grader!)


  4. 87 is a great grade! I got an 84 and I’m pleased with that particularly since I really don’t do anything to try to promote my blog. haha!

    Hope you had fun with Bloggiesta! I know I did .


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