Possible read-along on The House at Riverton

Here is the synopsis on Goodreads:

Summer 1924

On the eve of a glittering society party, by the lake of a grand English country house, a young poet takes his life. The only witnesses, sisters Hannah and Emmeline Hartford, will never speak to each other again.

Winter 1999

Grace Bradley, ninety-eight, one-time housemaid of Riverton Manor, is visited by a young director making a film about the poet’s suicide. Ghosts awaken and old memories – long consigned to the dark reaches of Grace’s mind – begin to sneak back through the cracks. A shocking secret threatens to emerge, something history has forgotten but Grace never could.

Set as the war-shattered Edwardian summer surrenders to the decadent twenties, The House at Riverton is a thrilling mystery and a compelling love story.

*** *** ***

If you follow this blog, you may remember how ecstatic I was at the reading of The Forgotten Garden in May. And Kate Morton has a brand new book coming out in October, The Secret Keeper!

So it’s time to catch up with her other books I have not read yet. To do so, I’d like to know if some of you would be interested in a read-along.

The book has 4 parts, about 160 pages each, so we could have a discussion on each part every Monday, either in October or November.

I will provide questions ahead of time, as I think it’s easier to think about your answers to the questions as you read the book.

If you are interested in doing this read-along with me,
please write your name,
blog address if you have,
and your email address [so that I can contact you when this is ready to go]
in a comment below – before Aug 31.
Tell me also if you prefer October or November,
and if any other day of the week would be more convenient to you.


there WILL BE a read-along of The House At Riverton,
in November.
Click here to know more about it.


11 thoughts on “Possible read-along on The House at Riverton

  1. This would be my first read-along and I think this is a good book to start. Oct. or Nov. would be fine. I have no website but will follow e-mail. Loved Bookbath’s Paris in July. Introduced me to a number of good blogs. Enjoying yours. Thanks.


  2. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but many of my GoodReads friends have given it high ratings. I like historical fiction and would like to join in this read-along 🙂 November is better than October, but if more people vote for October, that’ll be fine.
    I’m Chinoiseries at Always cooking up something / http://www.chinoiseries.net and my email is zenissima at gmail dot com.


    • Thanks for your reply. Have you read any other book by Kate Morton? she writes so well! No one has specified yet a month, so November would work so far, and I would be delighted to have you join us.


  3. Oh man, I’m in! I’ve read both The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours and I loved them! I’ve been looking forward to reading this one too. Here’s my info…

    avidreader25@gmail [dot] com
    I would definitely prefer November, but I could probably swing either.
    Mondays would be perfect for me!


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