I love France #25: Bastille Day in Chicago


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In France, we celebrate “le 14 juillet” (July 14th), but in the US we say we celebrate Bastille Day!

To celebrate that day, we went first to our favorite French cheese place: La Pastorale, in the French Market under Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago,

…and bought some nice Comté.

With some nice baguette, we were ready to eat under the Eiffel Tower!

Then we went to Daley Plaza, where a sort of block party was organized in honor of Bastille Day.

Here is the video banner of the event

There was food – nice crepes, drink – good wine, and even great music. Here is a short excerpt of 2 fantastic French singers.

There was even French cancan!!

It was neat to meander among the crowd and hear people talking French together. it was a beautiful afternoon, and the architecture around fit the nice ambiance



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9 thoughts on “I love France #25: Bastille Day in Chicago

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  2. I didn’t know you could celebrate Bastille Day in Chicago.
    As far as I’m concerned, like Brassens,
    “Le jour du 14 juillet
    Je reste dans mon lit douillet
    La musique qui marche au pas
    Cela ne me regarde pas”
    But I’m sure I’d do something that day if I were living abroad.


  3. I didn’t get to celebrate Bastille Day at all this year, but have been celebrating Paris in July rather hard. I do love all things French, and hope to be able to join you here too fairly often.


    • Thanks for your last 2 links, I am intrigued by that book on Proust.
      One neat and NOT overwhelming way of reading Proust is to use Dailylit.com: with this [free] service, you can read the book a little bit at a time. you choose the days of the week you want to receive the portion of the book, what length you want each time, and you can get them either in your email or in your RSS feed reader. That’s how I restarted reading Proust. and they even have it in French. Du côté de chez Swann, Swann’s Way, is really beautiful.


  4. I didn’t know that Bastille Day / 14 July was celebrated outside of France. I’d love my city to celebrate it too, I can already imagine lovely fresh crepes, baguettes and good quality cheese and lots of wine (and yummy pastry) 🙂


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