Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is: Share a photo that makes you DREAM!

I like this picture: this landscape I photographed makes me dream, and I also captured this lady peacefully dreaming, or meditating. It was in a remote  place in Provence.

In Burgundy and Champagne, usually vineyards are on hillsides, for a better exposure to the sun.
I guess they don’t need that extra precaution in the South of Provence, which gets more sun, so that’s why I saw there many vineyards on very flat areas. I like the vast horizon there, with some distant mountains. Very dream inspiring!




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38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

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  3. Hi, Esme, I was having trouble logging into wordpress, but I love this photo and would like to link to it in my upcoming wine tasting post! It’s beautiful.


    • Just copy and paste it, and yes if you can put a link to my post, I would appreciate. Hey, great idea, I should do a “I love France’ meme on all the vineyards I saw last Spring! And I will link to YOUR post as this will be a common theme


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