Paris in July 2012

BookBath and Thyme For Tea are doing again “Paris in July” this year.

Here is their presentation:

There will be no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of Paris in July – just blog about anything French and you can join in. Some ideas for the month might include:
– Reading a French book – fiction or non-fiction
– Watching a French movie
– Listening to French music
– Cooking French food
– Experiencing French art, architecture or travel (or remembering travel experiences)
– Or anything else French inspired you can think of…
Which is basically the same as my weekly French meme, I love France (see in the right side bar), but only in July.
Anyway, I decided to link my posts there this month.
If you plan to join the fun, click on the image.
And here is the place to link your posts.
Here are my posts so far:
  1. Review: Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow, by Juliet Grey
  2. 3 great books on Paris.
  3. Dreaming in Provence
  4. Celebrating Bastille Day in Chicago!
  5. My brand new rating system – based on the Eiffel Tower!
  6. Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (in Dijon, Burgundy)
  7. Guest post on a French woman in the US!
  8. Review: The Lovers of Algeria, by Anouar Benmalek, originally written in French
  9. French wines and vineyards

3 thoughts on “Paris in July 2012

  1. hello W&P,
    thank you so much for the link! am accumulating french recipes for my cookery blog at the moment, so I ‘ll submit it here.
    Loved your blog… you have a brilliant taste in books. Following you now!
    Please do visit my book blog, and if you like it, please follow!


    • Thanks for your nice comment. please don’t hesitate to look your French recipes to my French meme, I love France, as often as you want, it can be any day of the week.
      Looks like we share some common taste about books: when you have Bring Up The Bodies and The Orphan Master’s Son in your list of best reads in 2012 so far, I have to follow you! and oh of course a quotation by Pablo Neruda, my favorite poet!
      so I added you to my google reader.
      I love your idea for the title, really neat.
      I agree with your post as well on recent crappy Indian writings. So much so that I’m right now avoiding those for a while.


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