Audiobook Week recap

Audiobook Week is over, sigh… That was a very fascinating event, with great input from all participants, great suggestions as well.

I posted the answers to everyday questions, and got so far a total of 190 views and about 80 comments only on these posts,which is good for me.

I also posted one audiobook review, and one audiobook giveaway!

In case you missed the event, here is my Audiobook Week recap:

Day 1: 2011-2012: My Audiobook Year

Day 2So you want to review audiobooks… -Audiobook Week discussion and giveaway!

Day 3: Mid-Week Meme – Audiobook Week Discussion

Day 4: What Makes a Good Narrator? – Audiobook Week Discussion

Day 5: Listen Up! – Audiobook Week Discussion

My audiobook review:

narrated by Tim Kang, Josiah D. Lee, James Kyson Lee, Adam Johnson

My audiobook giveaway:

Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov – full cast.

Now I have a question here. To enter, I asked that you answered the 5 questions and give your email address in the post. A few of you did answer the 5 questions, but NO ONE left their email address. Does it mean NO ONE is interested in this giveaway?? I’m going to leave it open until this Sunday July 1st, midnight Central time.

The most fascinating post I read this week: in which Literate Housewife tells us about her “life” and meeting with Simon Vance the great! Great post, with links to an excellent interview and a video.

My post audiobook week resolutions:

  1. SET up a TBL (To Be Listened to) separate from my TBR. I will put it as new category in my Goodreads. When some reviewers are profusely enthusiastic about an audiobook, I will add it to my TBL. Ready Player One is of course on top of my list
  2. Look more often at Audiofile. I actually just subscribed to the newsletter. And oh I discovered the paper magazine is available at my public library. What does it have, in fact!
  3. Add a section My thoughts about the audio production to my audiobook reviews. I will work on being eve more attentive to the audio production and write more about it.


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