Listen Up! – Audiobook Week Discussion

Last day of Audiobook Week, which means, last day to enter my giveaway!

And here are the last questions:

Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews?

I learn about great audiobook titles

  • mostly through all the bloggers I follow. That’s where I know if it’s better to read a book or listen to it – Ready Player One is the best example for that
  • through Audiobook Jukebox, which posts reviews of bloggers – mine are there. A great website where you can as well receive audiobooks for free to review
  • through Jen’s Friday meme Sound Bytes: she posts an audiobook review, and you can link any audiobook review you wrote that day or that week

Nothing really original, I bet you are all going to mention these in your answers

Where do you buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

First, let me say I have never bought an audiobook, and actually I extremely rarely buy any book.

I have a fantastic library, which is part of a group of about 80 libraries, and still if the book I want is not there, I can get it for free with inter-library loan, from any other library, public or even academic, in my state!

No desire or need to use audible or the like.

  • So the first place for me to find audiobooks is my public library, either on site, with books on CDs or playaways; or through the online databases, yes, we have 2: Overdrive and OneClick Digital, which allow me to listen directly on my ipod touch. I would think by now, almost all libraries, if not all, have probably something like this available on their website.
  • I also receive audiobooks from publishers for free, for review, Bring Up The Bodies was the latest – through Audiobook Jukebox!
  • Sometimes I want to listen to classics, and there are good free services. I would recommend Librivox. The last audiobook I got  from them was Lilith, by Georges MacDonald, and I was really impressed by the volunteer narrator, Pete Williams. You can get these books through a free app on your i-devices, I use Book Player. It has a large library included

Nothing really original here


13 thoughts on “Listen Up! – Audiobook Week Discussion

  1. Wow!! I’m jealous of your library! Mine is getting better but it seems to focus mostly on YA titles lately. I have listened to a few on Librivox but have to be really careful about the narrator as some of them aren’t great.

    I don’t keep up with Audiobook Jukebox but really should! Thanks for the tip.


    • yes, I know it has to be the best library in the world. now the trick is to really plan ahead when you know a good one is coming. like I will watch like an eagle for Wolf Hall #3, and when I know the publication date, will check weeks ahead, and as soon as I see “ordered” in my library I will put my request. otherwise you can wait for months


  2. I’ve had problems with Overdrive and my Mac! This is the first I’ve heard of One Click Digital though and it sounds like quite an advancement. Will ask about this at my library. Thanks.


  3. I’m fortunate that my library system is pretty good, too, which is where I get the majority of my audios from – both cds and digitally.

    I’ll have to check out Audiobook Jukebox – I remember reading about it last year but haven’t been back to it soon. That’s great that they offer review audios.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  4. For a while Overdrive was not compatible with a Mac at all, but now offers a selection of Mac-compatible MP3 downloads. Not as many as for Windows, but still, better than nothing.


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