2011-2012: My Audiobook Year

This is so much fun to have Audiobook Week back, thanks Devourer of Books!

Today’s discussion is:

Are you new to audiobooks in the last year?
No, I am not, and it is actually interesting to compare this post with the one I wrote last year.

Have you been listening to them forever but discovered something new this year?
Not forever, but for a few years.
I am more and more appreciating audiobooks and their amazing narrators. Jen has taught me to be careful taking note of and mentioning the name of the narrator, and inserting in my reviews things about the narration itself. I have thus learned to enjoy very much some narrators, I even have my favorite ones now – more about this later in the week!
So maybe we can say I have discovered the narrators and their extraordinary skills.

You probably all know about it if you read this post, but there’s a great Audiobook Challenge going on at Teresa’s Reading Corner, a great place to invite you to listen to more!

Favorite titles?|
Since last Audiobook Week, I have listened to 16 titles (compared to 14 last year):
9  between the end of June and Dec 30, 2011
and 7 so far in 2012, which means my yearly average is definitely going to be much higher.
I am currently listening to a non-fiction audiobook, that will actually be my first one this one, so far, they were all fiction.

Favorite titles:

Please click on the covers to read my reviews

New times/places to listen?
Nothing has really changed here. My usual times and places to listen to audiobooks are when I do house chores, such as the dishes (this is one of the great advantage NOT to have a dishwasher!), ironing, etc.
And when I paint my rocks.
I think I’m going though to add something new: listening to audiobooks when I weed my garden! I just need to figure out some pouch where I can put my ipod touch in a secure way, where it does not mess up with the tracks when I bend! Any idea is most welcome.

Oh wait! I did finish several CDs of Bring Up The Bodies in the car, on my way to a rockpainting meeting near Arkansas – 10 hours of driving, that was great for audiobooks!

Come back this week, as I will be posting the review of a great audiobook I finished recently, and will also be offering an audiobook to one of my followers!



19 thoughts on “2011-2012: My Audiobook Year

  1. I just recently figured out how to get audio books onto my iPod so I can listen while at the gym or while gardening (I just tuck it into my shirt or I wear the armband).

    I always forget to mention anything about the audio production in my audio reviews and am trying to be really conscious of that from now on.

    I just bought a copy of Wolf Hall and I can’t wait to read that and then Bring Up the Bodies – I love anything Tudor!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Kristin @ Always With a Book


    • I usually stick my ipod touch in a pocket, but when I bend, it often switches the tracks, so I have to think of something else for my weeding time!
      Same thing here, at the beginning when I was reviewing audiobooks, I did not even think of mentioning it was an audiobook, and never paid attention to the name of the narrators, until I discovered some gem, and some other serious audiobook reviewers.
      Yes, you have to read/listen to Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies. I actually listened to both, they are top level historical fiction works. Really. And I’m choosy!


  2. Thanks for sharing your favorites – Before I Go to Sleep was one of my favorite books read last year (didn’t listen to it on audio though) – and I’ve been eyeing Mantel’s new book, but still a little apprehensive since I didn’t finish Wolf Hall.


    • For sure Before I Go To Sleep and Bring Up The Bodies are worlds apart, but both fantastic I thought. this 2nd volume is even more interesting than the Wolf Hall, as it goes deeper into Cromwell’s complex character. The writing is tighter as well


  3. I really enjoyed The Forgotten Garden (listened to that one exclusively on the treadmill) and have a print copy of Bring Up the Bodies, but would rather listen – Simon Vance is amazing!


    • Thanks, yes it is lots of fun, and little by little you learn to “see” things in your rocks. I’m sure as you collect rocks, you can see which has the shape of a house or a turtle!


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