Are you a Book Blogs member?

I just joined the network Book Blogs.

Are you a member?

What do you use it for?

Any advantage you find on there compare to other places?

If you would like to add me to your Book Blogs friends, click on the Badge here to access my page. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Are you a Book Blogs member?

  1. Hi! Welcome to Book Blogs!

    Book Blogs was my first introduction to Blogging in general, and Book Review blogs specifically. I was so blown away by being surrounded by so much book stuff, I thought I had found a little bit of heaven! It was wonderful.
    That was last July, 2011, and the novelty has not worn off!
    I always post my book reviews on my Book Blogs page, and on each of the Book Blogs groups I belong to. I take that chance to browse around Book Blogs, and see what’s been posted and what’s happening. Check out Friends, comments, etc. But, I do not spend a lot, (I so want to write “alot”!), of time cruising around Book Blogs. One of my first reviews, was written by an author who introduced me to Goodreads. And I admit to spending more time there than on Book Blogs. But, both are excellent.
    So, snoop around Book Blogs, enjoy yourself, and have fun!

    See you around the blogs!!

    P.S. I tried to find your name – which I am usually pretty good at doing, but could not definitely find it!! Do you give out your name? (I just like calling people by name when possible!!)


    • Thanks! I follow tons of book bloggers that I discovered thru reading challenges and memes, giveaways, etc. i use google reader to follow them, that’s my favorite tool. just trying to see if Book blogs can work for me, though I’m already appalled by the number of people who want to befriend me to advertize their own book.
      actually my name is part of my page, it shows as: Emma @ Words And Peace
      but this has nothing to do with Jane Austen


      • I had that problem initially, but adjusted some of my settings and things settled down. I was looking for ‘community’ when I joined so I did find it useful to find some like-minded bloggers (although it wasn’t easy! So many YA paranormal bloggers out there!! Very difficult sifting my through them all.)
        It’s also where I learnt about memes and blog hops and just how many were out there (and how many people were desperate to get followers)!


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