Inspiring Blog Award

What a great surprise I had this morning!

Wild Night In chose to give me an Inspiring Blog Award!

Here is what she highlighted:

Words and Peace: A really well-read book blogger who started the I love France meme. I go there every Thursday to get my French culture/ history/ art/ life/ literature fix for the week.

Which gives me the opportunity to invite you again to link anything French you have using my Meme every Thursday. Just click on the I Love France Meme logo in my right column, and you will be directed to the latest post.

Click on the award logo if you want to read 7 things about her, and see the other 9 bloggers she awarded.

7 things about myself I am required to reveal:

  1. I am French, living in the Midwest, and a Christian – Russian Orthodox
  2. I am an artist, painting almost exclusively on rocks
  3. I am an online tutor for French, and an English-French translator
  4. I published a book
  5. I enjoy birding, hiking, and gardening
  6. I do not have TV, but spend 3 to 4 hours reading after supper almost every day
  7. I started a book club for my block 5 months ago – each member shares the book he/she read the previous month, we do not read a common book

And now passing on this award to- only 1 blogger, sorry, no time for more

Sheila @ Book Journey

I give her the Inspiring Blog Award, as Sheila proposes lots of inspiring reads or rereads – recently, she organized a great garden party after the read along of The Secret Garden, and she just launched another one on Rebecca!




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