March April May wrap-up

Ouch ouch ouch!!!

As you gathered from my latest posts related to France, I have been away most of March and April, with really not one minute a day for reading!

So it makes my March wrap-up rather simple:

2 books read:
(click on the covers to get to my reviews)

2 books listened to:

That’s only 568 pages, with an average of 18.3 pages/day – which is a total disaster
and 29:21 hours, with an average of 56 mn/day for the audiobooks.

If you follow my blog, you already know that my favorite was with no hesitation at all Kate Morton’s book: The Forgotten Garden. If you missed my review, go have a look – click on the picture

April is even easier, as 0+0=0!!

May is a bit better, though I have not finished any audiobook. No wonder if you know that I have been listening to 2 BIG ones: The Orphan Master’s Son and Bring Up The Bodies!!

So I read 9 books (year-t0-date: 33 – better wake up!)

– 2 novels

– 2 plays:
Henry V, by Shakespeare
Much Ado About Nothing, by Shakespeare

– 5 non-fiction books:
Maya Roads: One Woman’s Journey Among The People of the Rainforest, by Mary Jo McConahay

The Inner River, by Kyriacos Markides
Tanzania: The Land And its People, by John Ndembwike
Cliffs Notes to Shakespeare’s Henry V, by Jeffery Fisher
Cliffs Notes on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, by Richard Peterson

That’s 1653 pages, with an average of 53.3 pages/day

My favorite book this May is:

Reading Challenges recap

Around the World in 52 books:  18/52
Around the world in 12 books: 4/12 = 1 behind!!
European reading challenge: 7/5 – COMPLETED
I love Italy: 1/1-3
Dewey Decimal: 16/20
We want you to read French authors: 6/5 or 10 (ends in August)
Books in translation: 5/10-12
South Asia: 3/7
Middle East: 2/18
My own reading challenge: 0/5
What’s in a Name: 4/5
Ebook challenge: 5/10
Audiobook: 4/12
Support your library: 18/37
Finishing the series: 1/1 – COMPLETED
2nds challenge: 3/3 – COMPLETED
Foodies: 1/3
Japanese literature: 0/? (starts in June)
Historical novels: 4/7-10
New authors challenge: 16/15 -COMPLETED
A Shakespeare play a month: 4 /12 – 1 BEHIND!
Graham Green Challenge: 0/1

Sounds like it will be hard to complete all my challenge in the months to come, but that’s ok.

May was a great month, with my participating also yesterday in the Secret Garden Read-along, which had great questions.

Blog wise, I am trying to be more regular at publishing a post for my I Love France meme every Thurs, as well as posting a list of good books for your week-end every Friday. This is actually easier since I discovered that I could schedule my posting, even on – I thought this was only available for!

I also joined a weekly photo challenge, organized by wordpress, to share some of my recent pictures. It is also fun to see many more visitors come and drop a comment.

I integrated my Goodreads lists in the blog, though I realize this is not viewable from an ipad. And and I have been more active on Pinterest, for books, and more! My name there is simply Words And Peace.

June has already a few things lined up, for instance a TLC Tour post for Spartacus, by Ben Kane.

If all goes well, I will post a review on:

  • Bring Up The Bodies, on
  • Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow
  • Spartacus
  • The Orphan Master’s Son

… and many more goodies, stay tuned!


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