Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Summer for me rhymes with nice hot sun. I love it, all my bones seem to revive.

This picture captures well my idea of summer:

heat, nice blue sky, someone walking, and foot paths in the foreground: I’m not the type sunning myself for hours, but having a nice walk in the sand sounds fun.

Well, especially if it’s along “la grande bleue”, as the French call it, that is, “The great blue”: The Mediterranean sea.

This picture was taken at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, just South-East of Montpellier:



To see other entries for this Weekly Photo Challenge organized by WordPress, or to post your own picture to begin well your summer, please visit this page.



23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

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        • funny, I just checked out an ipad from my library, and I realized a few things from my wordpress.com blog did not show, such as the wordpress adds and the goodreads integrator, I had no idea we could active an ipad version of your blog! I looked around and just made some changes, will have a look tonight. Thanks!!


          • You’re welcome. I wish I could help you a little bit more, but I just clicked to activate that and did not do anything more! Maybe it also has to do with the theme you’re using?


          • sorry for being unclear, I meant your message taught me something I did not know about; then it made sense that when I checked my own site the other day on an ipad things were missing; but reading your message made me look around in wordpress help, and sure enough I just saw you just needed to go to Appearance in the Dashboard and Activate the pad view!! It has nothing to do with the themes. So I just did the necessary changes, and will have a look tonight when i get back home.


          • Yes yes, but I thought the iPad view changed depending on the theme, so, I thought maybe some themes could include adds and goodreads and some others couldn’t 🙂


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