Last week-end we had a shock.

We were enjoying the city of Evanston, Illinois, and of course decided to stop at our favorite bookstore: Bookman’s Alley.

Have a look inside and tell me if you would not love that place: books all over,  accompanied with an assortment of various items; there is actually some sort of organization, with a theme per room, and book categories along the shelf. And plenty of chairs here and there.

isn’t this cozy or what?

As I was sitting on a chair and looking at books around me, I overheard a customer saying that they were going to close. I froze and checked with the owner: yes indeed, they are preparing to close, within a month!!!!!!

We decided to buy the complete works of Marcel Proust in 2 volumes, to keep something from this awesome bookstore.

So if you have never seen this amazing place, it’s now or never.

Or if you think you could maybe take it over, rush there, or call Roger – phone number on the business card on top of my post.

Have you also recently experienced the death of a favorite bookstore?
What are your feelings?