The Secret Garden Read-A-Long

Earlier on today, I posted a review of The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton.

I mentioned that there was an interesting interview of her on the amazon site. In it, Kate Morton talks about The Secret Garden.

As a child who did not grow up in an English speaking world, I never got the chance to read The Secret Garden.

And tonight, as I check my google reader, I find this post by Under My Apple Tree about joining this read-a-long of The Secret Garden hosted by Book Journey!

I checked ibooks on my ipod touch, and there it is for free, plus a nice edition with color illustrations it seems, so yes I am in as well!

With so many reading challenges and 5 books started right now, this is pure madness, but what can put a limit to my book madness??

Book Journey writes:

Won’t you come and read with me?

If you are interested in doing this read a long with me it is open to those who have not read it before, and to those who feel they may be due for a re-read.

Then… on May 31st here, we are going to have a garden party! You will have a chance to link your reviews and there will be an online book discussion here, as well as giveaways…. all garden themed!”


So if you have not read it yet, this is the best opportunity: click on the picture on top of this post and you will ready to join! Meet you in the garden…

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