February wrap-up

Ouch, February is already over, it didn’t make much of a difference of having an extra day, did it?

At the reading level, I managed to reach 9 books, which is not bad for me, BUT I have not reviewed yet any of these 9 books, AND I still need to review 1 book read in January… [I will add the links as I review these books].

That’s 1136 pages, with an average of 39.1 pages/day
and 25:13 hours, with an average of 52 mn/day for the audiobooks

The culprit is mainly the 157-page book I had to translate, that’s over 67,000 words, so that was a lot of writing! I probably also spent too much time reading other blogs through my Google reader, and recommendations and reviews on Goodreads, not mentioning a few Words with friends games…

So let’s look at it positively now, here are the 9 books.


Le dieu du carnage, by Yasmina Reza
      recommended and sent by a French student!
Death of Kings, by Bernard Cornwell
     I had been waiting to read the latest in the series of the Saxon Chronicles
A Golden Age, by Tahmina Anam
     historical novel on the Bangladesh war of independence, for my 52-countries challenge
Macbeth, by Shakespeare
for another challenge. That’s a re-read, I studied it at length decades ago.

3 of these fiction books were audiobooks:

Cleopatra’s Daughter, by Michelle Moran
I loved so much Madame Tussaud that I want now to read other books by Moran
Mrs Pollifax and The Whirling Dervish, by Dorothy Gilman
       A fun fun mystery set in Morocco, again for that international challenge
And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie
My library is launching a city reads focusing on mysteries, and this will be part of a book club, and there are so many books by Agatha Christie I feel I should know about

Here are my favorite fiction for the month, on paper and audio
the 2 mysteries I listened to were really good.


Exploring The Inner Universe, by Archimandrite Roman Braga
        By this amazing Orthodox priest I know, who spent years in prison and under torture during the communist regime in Romania.
That’s an interview on his life and on important issues in his country

CliffsNortes on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, by Alex Went
very well done, with interesting categories for study.

My favorite non-fiction


Reading Challenges recap

Around the World in 52 books:  12/52
Around the world in 12 books: 2/12
European reading challenge: 5/5 – COMPLETED
I love Italy: 0/1-3
Dewey Decimal: 12/20
We want you to read French authors: 5/5 or 10 (ends in August)
Books in translation: 3/10-12
South Asia: 2/7
Middle East: 2/18
My own reading challenge: 0/5
What’s in a Name: 3/5
Ebook challenge: 3/10
Audiobook: 3/12
Support your library: 14/37
Finishing the series: 1/1 – COMPLETED
2nds challenge: 2/3
Foodies: 1/3
Japanese literature: 0/? (starts in June)
Historical novels: 4/7-10
New authors challenge: 11/15
A Shakespeare play a month: 2/12
Graham Green Challenge: 0/1


Blog recap

December 2011:    29 posts =  total views =  1,718  = 55/day
January 2012:        21 posts =  total views =  2,165  = 70/day
February 2012:     10 posts! = total views=   1,310  = 45/day

How was YOUR month of February?


6 thoughts on “February wrap-up

  1. My goodness me, I don’t sign up to challenges as I’m not sure I’d meet them (challenge, I mean). I like the stats, how do you manage to count the pages/hours?
    Interesting selection of books, that’s what I call variety.


    • Thanks. I like challenges, they incite me to read all kinds of interesting things.
      As for the pages of the books, well, I just write down the number of pages of each book I read, or the number of mn of each audiobook I listen to. for ebook, I look in a hardcopy in my library how many pages this would represent. then I add them and divide by the number of days in the month. you can see my recap with number of pages, etc here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqZIzZFqfnNxdHlYSHNPOS03NFRvWE1tTEhjS1cxLWc
      I started doing this this year, realizing it would make my stats at the end of the year so much easier!


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