yeah, the time of the 2011 has come, and this is my BEST YEAR EVER, as for reading.

Books read/listened to in 2011: 99 [61 in 2010]. This is an average of 8.25/month.
– 83 were in print [5 were graphic novels (1 in 2010, seriously?)]. With an average of 6.9 books /month.
Total of 23685 pages, with an average of 1973 pages/month
– 16 were Audiobooks [16 in 2010]. This is an average of 1.3/month.
Total of of 11461 mn with an average of 955 mn/month = 16H30/month.

I could add 4 books I translated, and one was over 250 pages.

I also had fun making 2 graphs, representing my average of pages/day per month, and hours/day per month for audiobooks:


my favorite fiction book:


my favorite historical fiction:

Madame Tussaud: A Novel of The French Revolution

my favorite non fiction book:

The Greater Journey

my favorite spiritual book:


my favorite audiobooks:  non-fiction:



Before I Go To Sleep

my favorite ebook:

Everything Beautiful Began After

my favorite graphic novel:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio: 71/28 [29/32 in 2010]

Male/Female authors ratio: 56/43 [30/25 in 2010]

Books by the same author:19 [12 in 2010]:
– 2 by PJ Wodehouse, W. Mosley, L. Cossé, A. Patchett, H. Grant, B.Selznick, SJ Parris, and 5 by Bernard Cornwell

Re-Reads: 4 [1 in 2010] :  The Crying of Lot 49, I And Thou, Cien Sonetos de Amor, Being As Communion

Oldest: The Canterbury Tales – end of 14th century

Newest: The First Rule of Ten – 1/10/2012!

In translation: 13 [7 in 2010]

  • 4 from French
  • 3 from Japanese
  • 2 from Russian
  • 1 from Portuguese
  • 1 from German
  • 1 from Greek
  • 1 from Yiddish

2 in original language: 1 in French and 1 in Spanish

Other countries these books led me to (I’ll be more specific with book titles next year) South America, Amazon River Region, Turkey, Iran, India, Southeast Asia, Greece, Germany, France, England, Ethiopia, Sudan, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Spain

Set in the Middle-Ages:9 [4 in 2010]

Shortest: The Night Bookmobile – 40 pages

Longest: 1Q84 – 924 pages.

Funniest: Do Butlers Burgle Banks?

Favorite character of the year: Victoria, in The Language Of Flowers

Which author was new to you in 2010 that you now want to read the entire works of?
Michelle Moran, Benjamin Hale, Bernard Cornwell, Helen Grant, Simon Van Booy, SJ Watson, SJ Parris

Best title: 1Q84

Longest book title: The Band That Played On: The Extraordinary Story of the Eight Musicians Who Went Down With The Titanic
Shortest book title: Doc

Books coming from:

  • my personal bookshelf: 4 [1 in 2010]
  • books received for review: 19 [1 in 2010]
  • my city Public Library: 69 [59 in 2009]
  • other online free downloads: 7

And now to a very fun wrap up. There are a lot of those online, but these are my favorites:

– When I was younger I was : Tevye The Dairyman
– People might be surprised to discover that I’m: The Spy Who Came From the Cold
– I will never be: The Edible Woman
– At the end of a long day I need:  Light From the Christian East
– Right now I’m feeling: Strong As Death
– Someday I want to: Settle(d) In The Wild
– At a party you’d find me: In Constant Prayer
– I’ve never:  Caught In The Winds
– I really don’t enjoy: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey
– My advice is to: Be(ing) As Communion
– In my next life I want to be: The Alchemist

– If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Lost City of Z
– Your favorite form of transportation: The Night Bookmobile
– Your best friend is: Madame Tussaud
– You and your friends are: The Innocents Abroad
– What’s the weather like: The Worst Hard Time
– Favorite time of day: Endless Night
– If your life was : Metamorphosis
– What is life to you: The Great Railway Bazaar
– Your fear: The Glass Demon
– What is the best advice you have to give: The First Rule of Ten
– Thought for the Day: All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost
– How I would like to die: Wonderstruck
– My soul’s present condition: State Of Wonder

I began the day with French Milk

On my way to work I saw The Pale Horseman

and walked by The Lake

to avoid [the] Lords Of The North

but I made sure to stop at A Novel Bookstore

In the office, my boss said : Do Butlers Burgle Banks?

and sent me to research The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore

At lunch with The Lost Cyclist

I noticed  The Broken Teaglass

under A Distant Mirror

then went back to my desk In A Strange Room

Later, on the journey home, I bought The Touchstone

because I have Germs

then settling down for the evening, I picked up The Planet in A Pebble

and studied Bel Canto

before saying goodnight to Bartleby the Scrivener

Now don’t tell me it’s not fun! Have you tried with the titles of the books you read in 2011?

In 2011, I participated in 9 Reading Challenges, 1 Read Along, and 1 Tour. see my recap here. The most fun was probably What’s In A Name; I’ll do it again this year.


And now to 2012:

I have signed up to 23 Reading Challenges: it probably sounds totally insane, and it IS. But some titles will work for several challenges, I’m going to travel to 52 countries! See this Google spreadsheet to see what titles I plan to read for what challenge – so far, only a few titles are listed, but that can give you great ideas of Challenges.

2011 was such an exciting year of reading for me, thanks to you other book bloggers, and all my readers who subscribed to this blog through email, google reader, wordpress, facebook, twitter, etc, and to all your comments! Thanks again for following this blog!