Australian Literature Month

January 2012 is Australian Literature month, so I commit to read one book related to Australia – which will beautifully fit with my 53 countries reading challenge. I don’t know yet what title. Anything you would recommend?

I’m intrigued about their education system, so would you have some idea on that?

Well, here is the title I finally read:

Remembering Babylon, by David Malouf

It was a great book.

I had wanted to listen to The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton, but got it too late. So I will still listen to it, even though it will not count for this challenge.


10 thoughts on “Australian Literature Month

  1. For my around the world challenge, I’m reading a book by Richard Flanagan, since his name kept coming up. No idea if I’d recommend it or not! Maybe something by Peter Carey, like Oscar and Lucinda?


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