Around The World in 12 books 2012 Reading Challenge

I’m combining my books for the 52 countries Goodreads group with several challenges.

For this one, I plan to read 12 books for 12 countries chosen by the host. Click on the book covers to access my reviews:

JANUARY: South Africa:

FEBRUARY: Bangladesh

MARCH: Guatemala

APRIL: Tanzania

MAY: Cuba

JUNE: Germany

JULY: Iran

Equal of the Sun

AUGUST: Mexico

SEPTEMBER: Philippines

OCTOBER: Denmark

NOVEMBER:Peru: The Bridge of Sam Luis Rey, by Thornton Wilder,
not reviewed yet!

DECEMBER: Iceland: The Far Traveler, by Mary Nancy Brown,
not reviewed yet!

Here are some simple rules for this challenge:

1. Books must be set in the country. (For help, try this website.)
2. Books should be by an author of that country, if you can find/get hold of one.
3. Books must be fiction or memoir. Children’s books count too.
4. Books can count towards other challenges.



19 thoughts on “Around The World in 12 books 2012 Reading Challenge

  1. Yay for joining! It’s great when books can double up for other challenges, isn’t it. I like the TBR challenge I’m doing next year because unlike previous ones, you don’t have to decide what books to read beforehand, so anything counts!


    • yes, especially when you do tons of reading challenges like I do… hmmm, the TBR challenge I saw were about books that had to be on your list before 2012. maybe that’s good I did not see this one, lol!!


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  6. Interesting list. Have you come across anything interesting from Spain? I always like to read about the country I’m visiting but can’t find a novel to take on my holiday in a week from now.


    • Last year Ben Lerner published a book set in Spain, that has been very well spoken about recently. here is my review:

      From bloggers who organize or participate also in my international reading challenges:
      -The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – or any of his trilogy
      -The Time in Between, by María Dueñas
      -The Queen’s Vow, by C.W. Gortner
      -Reign of Madness, by Lynn Cullen
      -Water-Blue Eyes, by Domingo Villar

      And if you search books set in Spain thru Goodreads, you get these:

      I hope this help


      • I’m not very familiar with Good Reads so never thought I could do a search like this. thanks for opening my eyes. Shadow of the Wind it looks likely to be.. Thanks for your help


        • you can do a search in google, including the word Goodreads [all in one word]. you can also check reviews on Goodreads, even if you are not part of it. just scroll down on the home page, until you see the search button, and enter a title there. Their rating is very trustworthy, as you have easily thousands upon thousands of readers for a book. when it’s above 4.00, I know it’s a good one.
          Being a member, totally free, whatever number of books you rate, add to your TBR, or books you have read, adds the advantage of being connected to friends, see what they read, what they thought about this or that book. You can also make up your own shelf by genre, that’s a neat way of keeping track of books read or TBR


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