1st blogiversary!!

So happy to celebrate my 1st blogiversary!

I had actually started reviewing a few books on another site, but it’s really only on Sept 29, 2010 that I launched into something more serious and dedicated.

This year of book blogging has been an amazing experience. I would like to paste here what I wrote during BBAW, with some additions, on how  book blogging has changed the way I read:

  • in numbers: these past 10 years, I used to average between 50 to 65 books a year, and now I’m on my way to 100 and over
  • in selection: I used to read just books I heard about through a small group of friends, or books that drew my attention in the library. Now, thanks to a great number of bloggers I follow, I discover lots of fascinating titles I would never have found by myself
  • in publication date: I used to read books way after their publication date, because by the time the hot copies are available at the library, you may have a long waiting list in front of you. Now, I know when books are going to come out, and I can request them early enough to be on top of the waiting list, or even BEFORE the publication, with netgalley!
  • in genre: since blogging, I have discovered a new genre to me: graphic novels!
  • in format: I listen now more to audiobooks, because of great reviews, and I’ve started to read ebooks. I now have 3 formats always going on at the same time: reading a hardcover/paperback + an ebook + listening to an audiobook – you can see on my right menu what I’m up to right now
  • in attention: by that I mean that I pay now more attention to audiobooks narrators, thanks to the encouragement of other bloggers, and even of publishers! For instance, I know that Europa books have a special and unique flavor to them – yes, I’m working on that Challenge too!
  • in memory: the fact that I now write a review of every book I read has helped me a lot to remember better what the book is about
  • in statistics: I’ve always kept a list of the books I read, but now I have more statistics, by fiction/non-fiction, male/female authors, countries visited through the books I read, etc, see my end of year wrap-up post to see

I have also connected with many book bloggers, and hope to meet some soon face to face.

It has been fun participating in reading challenges, and I’ve already heard of some cool ones for 2012!

One big thing I’m really happy about is the new meme I introduced: I love France! I hope many bloggers will link their reviews to it

Now to some statistics, as of tonight. This is still very small, but so much more than I ever expected a year ago!:

  • 222 posts
  • poorly, only 42 subscriptions (16 via email/wordpress + 26 via google reader)
  • 6,854 views/hits (that’s actually only 18/day)
  • 117 views on my busiest day: 9/12/2011 (during BBAW!)

My very first post, launching this book blog

My very first review! on Claude and Camille, by S. Cowell

And now to some questions:

  1. do you like my new theme? why or why not?
  2. is there anything unique in my blog? what is it?
  3. how could I improve it?
  4. what would you recommend for me to do on this blog to make a few $, at least to cover expenses for giveaways?



7 thoughts on “1st blogiversary!!

  1. Joyeux Blogiversary ! avec juste qq jours de retard, heu… à cause de la distance 🙂
    En tt cas, douce et longue vie à ce blog et à son auteur !

    Les questions :
    1/ il me semble que je préférais l’ancien thème de déco.
    2/ ce blog est vraiment spécial pour moi et du reste je n’en fréquente aucun autre, ni anglo, ni francophone qui parle de livres –> je ne peux donner une réponse objective.
    3/ Peut-être fractionner les textes en paragraphes avec une image entre chaque ?
    4/ … eh bien en France il est très rare qu’un blog soit rémunérateur, nous les tenons donc pour le fun via des hébergeurs gratuits en général. Néanmoins : pourquoi ne pas envoyer un ou deux meilleurs extraits au comité de rédact° de la rubrique art et littérature de quelques journaux et leur proposer des papiers de critiques de livres ? Ce blog serait alors en qq sorte un press-book.


  2. I like the new theme! Very clean and modern. I admire that you’ve started your own meme, even if I don’t participate (I don’t really participate in memes…I always forget!). I’m not sure what you could improve, since I enjoy your blog as it is. And as for making some money…I’m the wrong person to ask, since I don’t actually do anything either. I’d love to host more giveaways but don’t want to add ads or anything like that to my blog.

    It’s fun seeing your first year as a book blogger in review. Congratulations on making it a year!


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