BBAW 2011: Day 5


The world of blogging is continually changing.
Share 3 things you are essential
tried and true practices
for every blogger
and 1-3 new trends or tools
you’ve adapted recently or would like to in the future.

Ouch, already last day!!, so it means also last day to enter my giveaway, with 2 great books!

Tried and true practices

My big thing has been to try to interact as much as possible through:

  • comments, added to other blogs, with link to my own reviews, and of course answering every comment I receive
  • memes, and very recently creating even my own meme: “I love France
  • tours
  • challenges
  • giveaways

1-3 new trends or tools

I have been using:

  1. twitter and facebook, by synchronizing automatically my posts from
  2. goodreads – posting part of my reviews on goodreads with link to the whole review – though I’m going to truncate my reviews more to have more people go to read the whole thing on my blog
  3. google docs to create forms for giveaways – so convenient!

I intend to:

  1. get better organized and write my posts at least 1 day ahead, so that I can post them as early as possible on the day they should be up. I’ve read most traffic is in the morning, so I definitely want to work on that!
  2. after my 1st blogiversary, coming up soon!, investigate on how to get a few $ thanks to my blog
  3. ask more questions and tips to the blogging community, and here is my first one: what  tools and practices would you recommend me to use to make a bit of money through my book blog? All suggestions are welcome, as long as you’ve been using them yourselves successfully.
  4. organize more giveaways

Are you looking for more ideas?
Click on the BBAW logo and you’ll find tons!

6 thoughts on “BBAW 2011: Day 5

  1. I don’t make any money through my blog, so I’m the wrong person to ask! I often don’t like too much linking in comments, but I appreciate how you add a link to your review if we’ve reviewed the same book. It helps me keep up!


  2. I haven’t worried about earning anything from my blog but I am an affiliate with and It’s not a lot of money but I have made a few dollars that I then spend on more books 🙂



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