BBAW 2011: Day 4

Book bloggers blog because we love reading.
Has book blogging changed the way you read?
Have you discovered books you never would have
apart from book blogging?

This blog was born almost a year ago, and yes it has definitely changed the way I read:

  • in numbers: these past 10 years, I used to average between 50 to 65 books a year, and now I’m on my way to 100
  • in selection: I used to read just books I heard about through a small group of friends, or books that drew my attention in the library. Now, thanks to a great number of bloggers I follow, I discover lots of fascinating titles I would never have found by myself
  • in publication date: I used to read books way after their publication date, because by the time the hot copies are available at the library, you may have a long waiting list in front of you. Now, I know when books are going to come out, and I can request them early enough to be on top of the waiting list, or even BEFORE the publication, with netgalley!
  • in genre: since blogging, I have discovered a new genre to me: graphic novels!
  • in format: I listen now more to audiobooks, because of great reviews, and I’ve started to read ebooks
  • in attention: by that I mean that I pay now more attention to audiobooks narrators, thanks to the encouragement of other bloggers, and even of publishers! For instance, I know that Europa books have a special and unique flavor to them – yes, I’m working on that Challenge too!
  • in memory: the fact that I now write a review of every book I read has helped me a lot to remember better what the book is about
  • in statistics: I’ve always kept a list of the books I read, but now I have more statistics, by fiction/non-fiction, male/female authors, countries visited through the books I read, etc, see my end of year wrap-up post to see

How has book blogging affected your book acquisition habits?

Not too much: for several reasons, I hardly ever buy any book, unless I can acquire some for free! So in that sense, yes, I have acquired free ebooks thru netgalley, and received some from authors and publishers

Have you made new connections with other readers because of book blogging?

Yes, though only online for bloggers so far, and am looking forward to meeting some in person in my area.

But I have also connected in person with other readers: if I know they are readers, I start a conversation about their current read, share about mine, and tell them about my blog!

Conclusion: thanks to the whole blogging community!

5 thoughts on “BBAW 2011: Day 4

    • funny, what do you mean: it has taught you you never had to buy another book? would you mind explaining, I’m intrigued.
      I’ve been following your blog thru google reader for a while, but I had no idea you were in the Philippines.


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