Not sure why, but this month of August appears to have had a low reading average.

I read 7 books,with a total of 1500 pages only, which is an average of 48.38 pages/day

and listened to 2 audiobooks, with a total of 27 hours, which is an average of 52 mn/day

Of Mice And Men, by John Steinbeck – 72 p. Read for the Classics Circuit
The Touchstone, by Edith Wharton – 54 p. Read for the Art of the Novella Reading Challenge

Everything Beautiful Began After, by Simon Van Booy – 416 p.
Leaving the Atocha Station, by Ben Lerner – 184 p.
Caught in the Winds, by L.D. Wenzel  – 328 p.
hmm, I just notice that these 3 novels were received for free from the publisher and/or the author!

Fire Season: Field Notes From a Wilderness Lookout, by Philip Connors – 240 p. (upcoming review)
Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life And Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica  – 206 p (upcoming review)


Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel – 24:19 hours
Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America, by Jim Murphy – 2:40 hours (upcoming review)

My favorite titles this month are for fiction, non-fiction, and audiobook:

This past month, I have come up with a new Meme, entitled ‘I love France‘, I invite you to come and visit every Thursday and link your own posts where you write about books, movies, food, culture related to France. The link here is to the one posted last.

As for Reading Challenges and the like:
2011 Audio Book Challenge – Addicted- Listen to 12 Audio Books: 8/12
My Dewey Decimal Challenge – Master Level =4.  And I am at 23!
2011 Non-Fiction Challenge – 7-9 books from different categories: Future Jeopardy Champion. And I am at 20 different categories!
Art of the Novella Reading Challenge: I completed the “Level: Fascinated — Read 3 novellas, during the month of August 2011″. I actually read 4, but stopped as I realized that I did not enjoy novellas as much as novels.
– It was really fun participating in the Classics Circuit Tour

On September 29th, I will celebrate my 1st blogiversary: I have set up a giveaway and am offering 2 books. Be sure to check it out (if you checked that out last month, go again, now you do NOT need to buy any hand-painted rock to win!)

This September will also be the first time I participate in the BBAW. This is so exciting! I have done all my votings, and my book blogger partner I’m supposed to interview is Tif at Tif Talks Books

For the end of this year, I plan to focus on 2 challenges: the Europa Challenge, and the Japanese Literature Challenge.