What’s In A Name Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Challenge    COMPLETED!

Here are the 6 books I read for this very fun challenge, hosted by  http://whatsinaname4.blogspot.com/
– Number: The Crying Of Lot 49, by T. Pynchon
– Movement: The Spy Who came in from the cold, by J. Le Carré
– Life Stage: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, by W. Mosley
– Gem: Cutting For Stone, by A. Verghese – yes, maybe a bit farfetched, like a “precious stone”…
This one I listened to.
– Size: The Great Railway Bazaar, by P. Theroux this was the only non-fiction for this challenge.
– Evil: Strong As Death, by S. Newman

My favorite books for this challenge were Cutting For Stone and The Last Days of Ptolemey Grey.

I hated The Crying of Lot 49, which was a reread from a few decades ago!


4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name Reading Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Some great books there, most of them new to me.

    ‘The Last Days Of Ptolemey Grey’ would probably be my favourite and the one that I will actively strive to read and add to my wish list.

    I still have one more book to go before my challenge is complete, I still have to complete the ‘size’ category.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge so far and love the fact that it is only six books long, which makes it achieveable for most.


    • Thanks for your comment. I was trying to see what you had read so far for this Challenge, but could not find a page on that on your blog. do you have a specific page somewhere? Thanks. Emma


      • Hi Emma,

        Sorry I missed your reply until now. I did not make a special place on my site for ‘What’s In A Name’, as it is the only challenge I signed up for this year, although there are posts for each category I completed along the way.

        I don’t seem to get much time for reading lately and to commit to any more challenges just wouldn’t have been feasible for me … maybe next year.

        I did enjoy this challenge though and will definitely be keeping a close eye on whether it returns for 2012.

        I did check out ‘The Crying Of Lot 49’ and have to admit that it is not something I would choose to go out and buy, although its overall ratings are very positive. Ah Well!! Good job we don’t all like to read the same things, is’t it?


        • No problem Yvonne, the neat thing with blogs is you comment when you can. You are right, we all have different tastes, and I know my own literary tastes change with time, just as food tastes, it makes reading other book bloggers exciting. If ever you read Pynchon, I would be curious what you think after you’ve read it. actually you can read for free the first 6 pages on amazon, that can give you a good idea what to expect. thanks for your comment


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