Read in May 2011

Where did May go? Already gone, the rain as well hopefully.

This past month, I have been away a bit, and though I had taken 4 books with me, I read about 10 pages only, investing my time more in hiking and birding, and even canoeing. So I only read 5 books, all fiction, and did not finish any non-fiction or audiobook; though, as you can see in my left menu, I always have one of these going one. BUT I did finish my first ebook ever!

My total pages for this May was 1894 pages  with an average of 61.09 pages/day, my lowest this year so far. Not too good.

So here is my list, click on the link to read my reviews.

My favorite fiction book read in May

Doc, by Mary Doria Russell – 389 p.
Read my exclusive review, with double interview!

A Pair of Blue Eyes, by Thomas Hardy – 464 p.
This was my first ebook ever!

Lords of the North, by Bernard Cornwell – 314 p.
Sword Song, by Bernard Cornwell – 311 p.
I just can’t leave this series! Alas, I will have to wait after the 5th volume, that I have started, BUT it seems the 6th will not be too long away.

A Novel Bookstore, by Laurence Cossé – 416 p.
I had looked forward to reading this, very good if you like books about books, and about GOOD books, except disappointing end.

Otherwise this month, I have been more active again on my Goodreads account, pasting my reviews there, and little by little entering books read since 2001. I finished all authors starting with a and B! A neighbor told me about the Goodreads app, I had not even thought about that, I guess I still don’t have yet the App reflex! It makes things much easier.

I was also trying to do more on my Library Thing account, but I was just told that after 200 books you have to pay, so I just deleted my account.

Coming up: excited to prepare a readalong on Agatha Christie, see my post here, and will also join a Japanese Literature Challenge.


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