Time finally for great summer reads!

We are right in the middle of a 48-hour readathon – are you part of it? What have you been reading so far?

Alas, I cannot take part in it again, work today, and I would love to go to Printers Row Lit Fest tomorrow!

Well, if you are not sure how to fill in your week-end with books, here are a bunch of good ideas, with reviews by other bloggers:

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English, by Natasha Solomons
The Eight, by Katherine Neville
Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman

A Wild Sheep Chase, by Haruki Murakami
I love Murakami, and can’t wait for his new novel coming up in October: 1Q84.
Do you know there’s a Japanese Literature challenge going on right now? Have a look, there’s an interesting list of possible titles

The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi, by Elif Shafak
The link I give you for this one is Goodreads: have you ever considered joining a network focussed uniquely on books? It’s a gem, and it has an App as well to make things easier. You can keep up with the books you read or plan to read, and see what your friends are reading and what they think about this or that book. See for yourself. And oh it’s free.

Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck

And if you prefer non-fiction:

Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People, by Linda Civitello

A Little Book of Language, by David Crystal

Of course, you can find plenty more ideas in my latest reviews or my current reads, displayed here on the left menu.

So, what’s on your reading plate for this week-end?

What do you think? Share your thoughts, and I will answer you. I will also visit your own blog

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