As a painter AND a reader, I love this painting: the rendering of the light is fantastic and warm, and it speaks to me about enlightenment coming through reading as well.

Well, spring light is here at last, BUT I’m stuck in the darkness of 2 heavy translation contracts right now, so that I can hardly read anything else. Very frustrating.

I finished some times ago 2 great books, but have not had time to review them; so keep an eye for the day they come:

–  Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, by E. Collingham
– The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, by Benjamin Hale

I ran into very interesting titles this past week, so here are some great suggestions for your week-end: it’s going to be very cold again in the Midwest, still time to stick in bed with a good book!… IF chores leave you alone for a while.

After the Quake, by Murakami
I love Murakami, and had never heard about this one. It’s a collection of 6 stories, all related to the 1995 earthquake in Kobe. Unfortunately relevant today. Publishers Weekly say it’s Murakami at his best!

The Rooftops of Tehran, by Mahbod Seraji
Pasha Shahed is a typical teenage boy who likes hanging out with his friends on the rooftop terrace of his house, dreaming about life, love, and what the future holds. What makes this 17-year-old different is that he is living under the harsh reign of the shah in Iran during the summer of 1973. With his biggest worry being his feelings for Zari, the girl next door who has been promised to another since birth, Pasha has a rude awakening[…] Told in Pasha’s unique voice and partially in flashback, Seraji’s wonderful coming-of-age story is at times funny and sweet as well as thought-provoking and heart-wrenching [Booklist]

Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen
After about everyone has read this book, it’s time to add it here. I had always been hesitant about this one, but the last review I read about it [click on the title to see it] manages to convince me!

Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan, 1979-89, by Rodric Braithwaite
In a timely and eye-opening book Rodric Braithwaite examines the Russian experience in that most recent war in Afghanistan

Beowulf on the Beach, by Jack Murnighan
Another book about books that sounds exciting




4 thoughts on “GOOD BOOKS FOR YOUR WEEK-END 03/26-27

  1. Another good collection of books. I read Water for Elephants a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed it, although I am not much of a circus person . . .

    This weekend I’m in the middle of Jeremy Mercer’s Time Was Soft There a memoir about his sojourn at Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I’m hoping to stop in at S&C in May when I’ll be in Paris for a few days. It sounds like a quirky old book store with a long history – lovely!


    • Sorry Trish for waiting all that time. I’m swamped under translation contracts, and now 4 reviews behind! ouch! Let me know about your visit at the book store, I love those places, we have a few really interesting ones in Chicago, and back in France, I remember one in my city of Dijon.


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