Torre Pacheco, Spain

The first migrating robin is back around Chicago! I know it does not mean that snow is over, but still, that’s  a good sign.

This past week was very rich in literary events, and my book fishing has brought quite a few exciting titles. But as I am currently reading/listening to… how many books? did you count on my left menu? that looks like 8 books at the same time!!, it means I won’t get soon to these.

By the way, did you see on the menu also that I just got an award? this is so much fun!

Let me know if you’ve read these books yet and what you think

Gothic Tales, by Elizabeth Gaskell    recommended to me by a fellow book blogger Trish @
The Tiger’s Wife, by Tea Obreht
The Borrower, by Rebecca Makkai
Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell
The Welsh Girl, by Peter Ho Davies
To a Mountain in Tibet, by Colin Thubron
The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer



If you observe the Christian Lent,

do you have special readings for this period?

I have 2: The Lenten Spring, by Father Hopko,

and The Philoakalia – the passages by Maximos the Confessor

6 thoughts on “GOOD BOOKS FOR YOUR WEEK-END 03/11-12

  1. To a Mountain in Tibet looks like something I’d like to read. I’ll have to see if I can track down a copy.

    I’m in the middle of The Perfume by Patrick Susskind – wow, it’s weird and a little disturbing but really good! Unfortunately, I’m painting my bathroom this weekend, so I probably won’t get much reading done. Once the paint is up and drying, though . . . .


    • To a Mountain in Tibet was published about a week ago, so it may not be available yet in your library, but it is on amazon. there’s a long review of it in the latest edition of the New York Times Book Review. good luck for the painting! and we have an hour LESS to read, when we need so many MORE! LOL. Have you read The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore? another weird one, funny, well done. Never heard of The Perfume. The reviews on goodreads are rather intriguing. I’ll have to add it to my list!


  2. Yes, that hour thing really has me steamed. *argh* Why can’t we all just leave the clocks alone?!

    I looked up the Bruno Littlemore book and it does seem like an intriguing one too. Thanks for the reco – yet another one for me to look out for!


    • Well The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore is getting a bit too much, with the intercourse with the chimp, I knew it would be coming, but still, the description is rather graphic, to say the least. But it is so well written, I think I’ll keep on reading, am on 203 out of 576.
      By the way, I don’t see any link on your Blog to your Twitter account. Do you have one? I noticed how many more visits I have on my blog since I lined it to a Twitter account [wordsandpeace]. you can do it automatically: each time you post something, a link goes to twitter [and facebook if you want also].
      Also, would you recommend I join Book Blogs? what do you get out of it? Thanks


  3. I’ve toyed with the idea of a twitter and facebook account for my blog but it all seems too loud and busy for my liking. When I started my blog I really just wanted a place to record my reading related thoughts and perhaps connect with other bookish people on a casual basis. I haven’t ruled it out though . . .

    Book Blogs is a good site for other blog connections as is Book Blog Directory which I have linked in my ‘Further Reading’ list. I am fairly new to both so I am not sure yet how well they all work. I am a big fan of Shelfari but I find I don’t even use all of their services either. It’s just a great visual way to catalogue all my books and connect with other readers. It’s sort of like facebook.

    So, would I recommend them? Sure. They look like the kid of sites you could probably get a lot out of depending on how active you are in them. My activity level kind of comes and goes so I am maybe not the best example.


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