HarperCollins, ebooks, and libraries


You probably all know by now that “under the new policy, announced by distributor Overdrive in a letter to customers last week, libraries will only be able to lend out each purchased ebook published by HarperCollins a total of 26 times before the book’s lifetime expires.” [quoted from this article, where you can learn more].

I’d like to add my “grain of salt,” as we say in French.

Simply put: even though I love books, audiobooks and ebooks, I extremely rarely by books, my budget does not allow me to do so, and I’m in awe of my local public library that I really want to support.

So, if ebooks are no longer available from this publisher at my library, I’ll just choose to read other books, and their authors are going to lose lots of potential readers like me.

Even if I don’t buy books, I share my love of books through reviews, through talks with my neighbors and connections, and THEY often BUY these books themselves. It is also well known that when readers lend books to others, these others often end up buying these books themselves.

Conclusion: they will lose all the publicity readers like me could do them, and their sales is going to go DOWN.




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