Good books for your week-end 2/26-27



Spring is not yet here folks, so why not hibernate a bit longer in a good book?

Here is a list of goodies for you, and from now on, I’ll try to give you the link of the blog where I found it first. 2 advantages to that:

1. it will keep the post nice and short, but if the title intrigues you [I’m of the kind who still judges a book by its title!], you can access and read a review right away, just on clicking on the title

2. you can visit some of my favorite book bloggers

Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution, by Michelle Moran. I can’t wait to be home tonight to begin this one!
The Outline of History, by H.G. Wells
The Arrow Chest, by Robert Parry
The Fates Will Find Their Way, by Hannah Pittard
Silent Night:The Story of the WWI Christmas Truce, by Stanley Weintraub
The Thirteen Tale, by Diane Setterfield
Better Than Life, by Daniel Pennac
The Band that Played On: The Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic, by Steve Turner – I requested this on from Booksneeze. Get it for free if you accept to r=write a review of it!

This past week, I have completed my first 2011 Reading Challenge: my own challenge, as I read one book published in each of the 5 first years of my life – a post is coming.

I have cleaned up my old 2010 TBR list and reduced it drastically. I definitely will now read several reviews before I launch into a new book, as I really don’t like my new record of having dumped already 7 books in 2011. I enjoy the Kindle free samples, so that should do the trick. If I don’t like the sample, I just will not borrow the book.

I have also stupidly spent some time trying to figure out how to sync my Facebook Page and Twitter account. My tweets do show on FB, but what I post on my Words and Peace Facebook Page do not show up on Twitter. The FB App seems to be stuck, whatever browser I use.  Oh well…

To end more positively, this week has been especially marked by the listening of The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, an amazingly haunting book by Helen Grant. I see she wrote another one!




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