My Dewey Decimal Reading Challenge

Beth Fish Reads just posted on her blog a list of Reading Challenges I had not run into yet. Can you guess what happened? Of course I managed to join another Challenge, called My Dewey Decimal Challenge. It is hosted by The Introverted Reader.

It is simple, you just need to read Non-Fiction books. There are only 4 levels:

Dilettante–Read 1 non-fiction book.

Explorer–Read 2

Seeker–Read 3

Master–Read 4

As I read 23 last year, and already 2 since the beginning of 2011, I’ll be a ‘Master x 6’ I guess for this one!

5 thoughts on “My Dewey Decimal Reading Challenge

  1. I hear ya! I joined this challenge too and already am on my third book. Fourth actually if you count the one I am reading for a review. I love true crime. I will be a Master x6 right with you. Good luck and I look forward to your reviews. Maybe I will find some new nonfiction to love.


    • Thanks for your comment, it’s always fun to interact with other book bloggers. Eh you just gave me a great idea: I’m going to add Fiction/Non-fiction/Graphic novels/religious in my left menu categories! Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that earlier on


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