I’m now reading – 10/25/2010

A Walk in  the Woods,  by Bill Bryson. I wrote in my TBR that I wanted to try some of Bill Bryson’s books, but I had not listed that one. I had not even realized he was the author of this book, which has been on the Book Club shelf of my library for a while. Last week, for whatever reason, I looked beyond the title and discovered the author was Bryson. I love every page of it, and my review will be coming soon.

Dreamers of the Day, by Mary Doria Russell. As she is a very favorite author of mine, I try to read all her books.This is her latest. Enjoying this audiobook so far, will see if her character in this American setting has the same depth as other Russell’s characters.

A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century, by Barbara Tuchman – historic portrait on 14th century Europe. very well documented. Discovering more and more untold truths on the Middle Ages – I mean, untold by my history teachers, who could have made our classes so captivating.

Inside the School of Charity: Lessons from the Monastery, by my friend Trisha Day – very good. Journal about her 3 months in a Trappist Monastery as a guest, sharing the life of the cloistered nuns.

Light from the Christian East, by James R. Payton – good stuff. I’m planning to enter some quotations soon, as I read along.

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