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I love words, and I love the word WORD!

So I was looking for a word that sounds like ‘word’, to possibly make a pun, and suddenly the title “War and Peace’ came to me. I also love Russian writers, so that was it,

Words And Peace

This also reflects my approach to reading, which always give me a deep sense of peace and relaxation, whatever I’m reading.

I do believe words are fantastic tools, unique to us humans, with which we could aim at peace. I’m very much aware of that in my translation and tutoring activities – I’m fortunate enough to speak and understand several languages – doubtless with quite a few mistakes around.

What about YOU?
Do You love words? Why?
what do they represent for YOU?


5 thoughts on “Blog Title explanation

  1. Oh yes, I love words…both the written and the spoken variety. Also the words that take shape in our heads as we think our thoughts and the words that are whispered in our dreams and the words that we actually have no words for at all because they are buried deep within our hearts where they echo in the silence of what is most sacred and meaningful about our lives. Words are one of the things that connect us to the people we love and they are also responsible for some of the most hurtful and damaging wounds that we inflict upon others. Words are the stuff of life. No wonder we love to read them.


  2. Le premier mot “difficile” qu’il m’ait été donné d’entendre et de comprendre était le verbe “trébucher”. J’avais environ 3 ans. Ce mot m’a ravie par sa complexité, j’ai découvert du même coup qu’on pouvait employer plusieurs mots différents pour exprimer une même chose (plutôt que “trébucher” j’employais “buter”). Longtemps j’ai aimé me le remémorer, ce qui me demandait toujours un effort.

    J’aime les mots, quand St John Perse les écrit, mais plus encore je crois le silence (la poésie japonaise, qui fait la part plus belle au silence qu’aux mots, m’est un délice).


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