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Crows of Beara winner


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crows of beara

The Crows of Beara

Along the windswept coast of Ireland,
a woman discovers the landscape of her own heart
RELEASE: September 2017
PAGES: 300
ISBN: 978-1-61822-047-9
Ashland Creek Press is pleased to announce the
forthcoming September 2017 release of
Julie Christine Johnson’s
(In Another Life, Sourcebooks 2016)
beautiful, haunting environmental novel
The Crows of Beara


When Annie Crowe travels from Seattle to a small Irish village to promote a new copper mine, her public relations career is hanging in the balance. Struggling to overcome her troubled past and a failing marriage, Annie is eager for a chance to rebuild her life.Yet when she arrives on the remote Beara peninsula, Annie learns that the mine would encroach on the nesting ground of an endangered bird, the Red-billed Chough, and many in the community are fiercely protective of this wild place.
Among them is Daniel Savage, a local artist battling demons of his own, who has been recruited to help block the mine. Despite their differences, Annie and Daniel find themselves drawn toward each other, and, inexplicably, they begin to hear the same voice—a strange, distant whisper of Gaelic, like sorrow blowing in the wind. Guided by ancient mythology and challenged by modern problems, Annie must confront the half-truths she has been sent to spread and the lies she has been telling herself. Most of all, she must open her heart to the healing power of this rugged land and its people.
Beautifully crafted with environmental themes, a lyrical Irish setting, and a touch of magical realism, The Crows of Beara is a breathtaking novel of how the nature of place encompasses everything that we are.


In Another Life- Julie Christine Johnson

Photo by Al Bergstein


Julie Christine Johnson
is the award-winning author of the novels
In Another Life (Sourcebooks 2016) and
The Crows of Beara (Ashland Creek Press September 2017),
as well as numerous short stories and essays.
Visit for more information about her writing,
and to learn about Julie’s developmental editing and writer coaching services.


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Bout of Books 20: Day 2 recap

Bout of Books 20#boutofbooks

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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized
by Amanda @ On a Book Bender
and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal.
It is a week long read-a-thon that begins
12:01am Monday, August 21st
and runs through Sunday, August 27th
in whatever time zone you are in.
Bout of Books is low-pressure.
There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize,
but all of these are completely optional.
For all Bout of Books 20 information and updates,
be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.
From the Bout of Books team

Bout of Books 20:
Day 2 recap



  1. Salt Creek: 50 pages

  2. Enigma: 12 pages

TOTAL pages in DAY 2 = 62
Pathetic. I had to write a book review, and it took me longer than I expected.


  • I did the challenge:

    Synopsis rewrite
    In case you have not seen it, come this way


  • I followed 8 new people on Twitter, left tons of tweets and likes

  • Followed 11 more bloggers on Instagram

  • Visited and commented on 30 blogs


  1. Salt Creek: 67 pages

  2. Enigma: 4 pages

TOTAL pages in DAY 1 = 71
Not bad, as we had this crazy Twitter Party for an hour – crazy because of the speed of the tweets, though I have seen worse, lol!
+ 40 mn of audio time:  The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper


  • I did the challenge:

    Introduce Yourself #insixwords
    In case you have not seen it, come this way

  • I posted a book giveaway

  • I took part in the Twitter chat, it was not as crazy as last year.

  • 13 new Twitter followers (@wordsandpeace), 1 new Instagram follower (@wordsandpeace1)


  • I followed 28 new people on Twitter, left tons of tweets and likes

  • Followed 5 more bloggers on Instagram

  • Visited and commented on 8 blogs


**This is the overall list for the challenges offered during Bout of Books 20.
Make sure you check the blog each day of the read-a-thon for instructions
and details on how to complete the daily challenges**

Monday 8/21
Introduce yourself #insixwords

Tuesday 8/22
Synopsis rewrite

Wednesday 8/23
Book spine rainbow

Thursday 8/24
If you like this, try that . . .

Friday 8/25
Leave a book review

Saturday 8/26
Love to hate

Sunday 8/27

Twitter Chats
(chats last approximately one hour)
TZC = Time Zone Conversion

Monday: 8pm CST (TZC)
Saturday: 10am CST (TZC)



What books will I be reading?


  • Le Regard du Ressuscité, by Archimandrite Gabriel – a French book on Orthodox icons, received for review

  • A Curious Collection of Dates: Through the Year with Sherlock Holmes, by Leah Guinn

  • Salt Creek, by Lucy Treloar

  • Enigma, by Catherine Coulter (Netgalley)

  • Merle, by Angela Wren

What books will I be listening?

  • The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, by Phaedra Patrick

  • Coule la Seine, by Fred Vargas

As my daily average so far this year seems to be 69 pages/day, my challenge will be to read 525 pages (average of 75 pages/day).
Not counting some time for audiobooks as well.

And as I’m an expert this year, I plan on visiting and cheering 25 bloggers every day

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to Bout of Books,

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Book Review and giveaway: The Secret of the Abbey

Kathleen C. Perrin

on tour

August 14-25, 2017

the secret-of-the-abbey cover


The Secret of the Abbey

(historical fiction)

Release date: June 3, 2017
Self-published at Langon House

565 pages

ISBN: 978-0692877975

Website | Goodreads



rating systemrating systemrating systemEiffel3.5

I have previously presented you the first two volumes in this series, The Keys of the Watchmen and The Sword of the Maiden, and now time has come for the third and final book: The Secret of the Abbey. As many of you know, lots of readers are participating this week in Bout of Books 20. Yesterday challenge was to rewrite the synopsis of the book from the perspective of a character. So this is the synopsis I’m going to use for this book, not the official one.
The book is a YA historical fiction/fantasy/time travel, so I tried to write it from the point of view of young Katelyn and her modern style of talking:

Wow, life is getting hectic here! Believe it or not, I was sent back twice in time, to 15th France, and I even married to a young man called Nicolas! AS for me, Katelyn, I’m actually just an American teen, just turning 18, and I have had already so much life experience. I was actually asked to organize the defense of Mont Saint Michel against British soldiers!

It turned out okay, by a miracle of grace. I was relieved to come back to my modern time, I don’t starve here and people smell better, for the most part, BUT my betrothed had to stay behind, plus he was very much injured and in the coma.
So I can’t wait to find a way to get back to him! I really miss him.
AND I just learned I inherited a house in France, AND my English teacher submitted one of my essays to a publisher, and it was accepted! So I’m suddenly getting big bucks and an excuse to go back to France, to discover my house, which is where? On Mont Saint Michel of course!
I have the feeling I’ll be able to meet my love again. I will probably be asked to go help the inhabitants of the island again, but I wonder in what time period, and if I’ll be able to go with Nicolas.

Thank God I can take with me some modern devices that will be super useful I am sure, like a stun gun, a headlight, and stuff like that. I just need to be sure I have enough batteries or some rechargeable ones through the sun, as of course they didn’t have electricity back then. Easy to forget, and that would be a disaster if I were relying only on my iphone!
I’m really eager to know what will happen next, and why really I was entrusted with those special missions, and what this big secret is behind it all.

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